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Neuroscience & Advertising

Neuroscience Explains Advertising Success
A look at how the mind works in driving print advertising efficacy
“…Print and digital advertising are better suited to reaching different demographic groups than other forms of advertising. Digital advertising helps cast a wider geographic net toward a specific kind of customer, where as traditional print advertising is often more effective at driving business at a local level.”

Key Takeaways:

      1. Data demonstrates strength of print advertising
      2. Learn what’s behind the data and how neuroscience plays a role
      3. Print and digital – how they work together

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Founded in 2003, MediaMax Network partners with the world’s leading media and digital marketing companies to provide geo-targeted print, data, and digital advertising solutions in hundreds of local markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. As the exclusive local advertising partner of Condé Nast, MMN delivers integrated local ad programs to more than 1,000 clients across a wide range of vertical markets including financial services, travel, healthcare, professional services, and more.

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