Local Advertising.

Local advertising. Global recognition.

Effective advertising is all about getting your brand’s message in front of the right people, at the right time. Local print advertising gives your brand a trusted voice in some of the most prestigious publications.

MediaMax works with clients in the U.S. and Canada, providing premium media solutions that allow them to connect with local audiences on a national scale. We have an exclusive partnership with Condé Nast, which publishes 11 iconic print brands and reaches an audience of 50 million customers.


Local digital advertising lets you reach your target audience with unique targeting strategies and premium solutions. MediaMax has been a trusted partner for brands looking for critical exposure to their local markets since 2003.

In today’s digital landscape, it’s all about connection and community. Consumers want brands to know who they are before engagement begins. They want to feel as if your brand gets them. Localizing advertising campaigns lets your brand send creative messaging to highly targeted audiences. WIth local digital ads, you enjoy a higher return on investment compared to national advertising alone.


To reach a local audience, you need to know where that audience is. Geotargeting and geofencing uses user location data to connect to consumers in a particular geographic area. MediaMax uses geotargeting when developing strategic media campaigns, driving more authentic engagement and boosting relevancy.

Geofencing is another local advertising technique. It lets you connect with consumers who are within a defined geographic area, known as a fence. Once a person steps over the “fence” and into the boundary area, they receive a notification on their phone.

Benefits of Local Advertising.

Local Print Ads Benefits

It’s ideal for reaching people at the top of the funnel – When a person flips through a magazine, they might not be looking specifically for information about your brand. But repeatedly seeing your advertisement in the pages of their favorite magazine increases their awareness of you.

It’s engaging – Print media is a high-contact, engaging experience. People don’t just scroll mindlessly through the pages of a magazine. They flip, taking in the images and content on each page.

It’s effective – People have been saying that print is dead or nearly dead for years now. Yet, it lingers. Why? Because it’s an enjoyable experience for consumers and an effective marketing tool for advertisers.

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Local Digital Ads Benefits

It’s trustworthy – A shared location helps to establish trust between your brand and the customers you want to reach. With a shared location, you share references and experiences, which helps to make your brand more credible to the people you’re trying to reach.

It’s meaningful – Trust brings meaning with it. When customers trust your brand, they take what you have to say seriously.

It builds connections – Share experiences give you a chance to reach out and connect with your audience. Consumers are looking for brands who get them and who want to be part of their lives.

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Who Benefits from Local Ads?

You might think that local advertising might only be right for small companies with a local focus. But the truth is, any business, from small local brands to emerging companies and household names can benefit from local marketing automation.

Small companies benefit from local magazine advertising, as it’s tailor-made for their audiences and budget. Emerging companies can use local ads to tap into previously undiscovered markets and expand their reach. Finally, national brands can benefit from a local approach to promote new store openings or seasonal product launches.

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Expert Local Ads Strategy.

Condé Nast

Condé Nast is a recognized leader in the industry and receives awards annually for excellence in thought leadership, journalism, photography, design, and editorial. Condé Nast’s brands are backed by an affluent audience, with $3.6 trillion in spending power. Among the brands’ audience members are consumers who have lifestyles, interests, and passions that suit your brand.

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Why MediaMax?

Through local print advertising, your brand’s message appears in the publications that are most relevant to you, with a message tailored to your local market. Partner with MediaMax and join our network to help get you where you want to be.

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FAQs: Local Ads.

Geotargeting directs ads to consumers who are within a particular radius of the company. For example, a restaurant might display ads to people who are within a five-block radius of the restaurant’s location and who search for nearby restaurants. It reaches people when they are most likely to take action, such as when they’re hungry and within walking or driving distance.

While geotargeting and geofencing are both examples of local advertising techniques, they aren’t the same. The best way to understand the difference between the two is to recognize that geofencing is a type of geotargeting.

Geotargeting is much broader than geofencing. It can use customer’s GPS and mobile phone location data, but it also reaches a local audience through the following:

  • Local print media
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Targeted text messages
  • Local search results
  • Custom landing pages

Local ads are marketing messages targeted to a specific geographic area. Using local advertising lets you target consumers based on where they are. Reaching consumers where they are leads to greater return on investment and better connections.

MediaMax can help your brand reach a local audience. We offer full-service media planning and buying, helping you develop a campaign that reaches the consumers who are most likely to respond to your messages.

Geotargeting improves the reach of your brand’s marketing campaigns while saving your company money. Through geotargeting, you can rest assured that your messages will only reach the most relevant audience. Geotaregeting also lets you develop more personalized marketing messages, building more engagement with your audience and leading to a greater ROI.