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First-Party Versus Third-Party Data: What You Should Know

Commentary First-Party Versus Third-Party Data: What You Should Know July 24, 2019 by Jackie Graziano We know that more and more marketers are using data to provide insights and steer their marketing strategies. In fact, nearly two-thirds of marketing leaders state that their use of online customer data has increased over the past two…

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Media Agencies Conquer Industry Transparency Issues with NetSuite

Forthea Interactive and MediaMax Focus on Creativity and Clients by Eliminating Business Process Complexity To focus time on rapidly changing client needs, boutique media agencies are selecting Oracle NetSuite to scale their business, without sacrificing creativity. For example, Forthea Interactive and MediaMax implemented Oracle NetSuite to gain a source of efficiency across their growing businesses…

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National Brands Must Take Advantage of Tech and Reap Benefits of Going Local

Courtesy: National brands are rediscovering that localizing campaigns allows them to deliver offers and creative messaging to their target segments with greater precision and higher return on investment than through national campaigns alone. Today’s consumers have a greater sense of their local communities and expect brands to be more aware of who they are…

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What’s The Future Of Publishing?

Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s The Future Of Publishing? Published May 22, 2017 The future of publishing is… debatable Few topics are quite as polarizing as the future of publishing. On one side, you have your diehard print fans who assure us the medium will be around eternally, on the other, the digital fanboys who…

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National Marketers Getting Best of Both Worlds

National Marketers Getting Best of Both Worlds – Top U.S. Media Brands with Local Activation May 18, 2017 | Rick Ducey In a joint project BIA/Kelsey just completed with MediaMax resulting in the ebook, The Win of Going Local and a forthcoming webinar on the same topic, we took a hard look at BIA/Kelsey’s forecast for ad…

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Consumer Recall and Lift Better with Print + Online

Pinterest is not the only place consumers go for inspiration and planning — in fact adding print to digital helps consumer recall.”Print ads (in magazines) can be read more leisurely, and be more evocative; they can encourage readers to fantasize, to put themselves in the picture,” according to a recent study Neuroscience May Explain Why Magazine Advertising Succeeds by MediaMax…

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