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MediaMax Announces MAX IQ™

MediaMax Announces MAX IQ™

MediaMax Network Announces MAX IQ™, Exact Targeting with First-Party Data
New offering empowers marketers to target audiences based on true 1:1 match.

September 7, 2017 – Valhalla, NY – MediaMax Network (MMN), the leading provider of geo-targeted advertising solutions, announced today the launch of MAX IQ™. The company’s new data-driven approach uses first-party data to reach a marketer’s exact audience, eliminating wasted impressions and delivering highly favorable results.

Customer engagement has become an even more challenging task for marketers. Smart marketers continue to take control of the data conversation. Data, specifically first-party data, is now the core ingredient to driving customer acquisition and retention. MediaMax is excited to offer an opportunity to streamline the advertising and media buying process by leveraging critical data and executing local, hyper-targeted media programs.

MediaMax overlays MAX IQ™ to select digital programs to leverage an exclusive combination of offline, e-postal, and mobile app data, including more than 9,000 apps. This approach targets users based on their tracked behavior. Marketers can increase scale by creating a look-alike audience.

“It’s time to shift the conversation from data to 1:1 audience identity”, states Maribel Adams, Head of Digital at MediaMax. “Our solution empowers our clients to leverage a data-driven approach to hyper-target their best audience on a 1:1 level and personalize their campaigns more effectively. By leveraging first-party data, clients have more critical audience insights, higher sales lift, and overall campaign ROI.”

Using MAX IQ™ delivers direct access to 120 million verified consumers across desktop, mobile, and social. Marketers can target their audiences via 500+ selects including demographic, geographic, and psychographic criteria. There are opportunities for a programmatic overlay as well as an exclusive opportunity to overlay on the premium Condé Nast network with display and mobile units.

About MediaMax Network
Founded in 2003, MediaMax Network partners with the world’s leading media and digital marketing companies to provide geo-targeted print, data, and digital advertising solutions in hundreds of local markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. As the exclusive local advertising partner of Condé Nast, MMN delivers integrated local ad programs to more than 1,000 clients across a wide range of vertical markets including financial services, travel, healthcare, professional services, and more.

Additional information is available at, on the company’s MAXTalk blogLinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.