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    70% of B2B marketers plan to increase spending on programmatic. For more facts & figures, check out our latest infographic.

    The Year of Video

    The power of video continues to grow exponentially and it empowers marketers to deliver authentic content & build brand relationships. Learn more.

    MPA+MMN Webinar: Neuroscience & Advertising

    It’s not every day that science directly tells us what’s critical to consider when engaging our target audiences. Learn more about advertising efficacy.

    Impact: Power of Print Advertising

    Inspirational & Influential. Research continues to prove that magazines are a powerful advertising medium. See how it measures up.

    Don't Worry, Be Happy: Power of Print Advertising

    Readers look to magazines to learn about a new product, enhance their life, or as a place for inspiration. See all the ways magazines positively affects its readers.

    Vertical Impact: Power of Print Advertising

    Print magazines are a critical source for driving business across many industry verticals. See how the numbers stack up for different verticals.

    Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions

    Trends come and go, especially in digital advertising. See where we've been and what's picking up steam for the future, from personalization to hyper-targeting.

    Programmatic Advertising Takes Off

    Take a look back at emerging standards, acquisitions and spending growth. Look forward as programmatic advertising continues to change the digital landscape.

    Neuroscience & Advertising How the Mind Works

    A look at how the mind works in driving print advertising efficacy. It's about attribution. Print + digital are a powerful combination.

    Distinctive & Influential: Gen X Affluent Influencers

    Are you forgetting a key demographic? An important segment of Generation X called the Affluent Influencers deserves a second look.