In Magazines We Trust

    Magazines yield the highest return on advertising spend—the ultimate KPI.

    5 Things to Know About Mobile

    U.S. mobile ad spend will more than double in the next five years, rising to $72 Billion in 2021 from $33 Billion in 2016.

    5 Things to Know about Out-of-Home Advertising

    For every $1 spent, an average of $5.97 is generated in sales. For more facts and figures, check out the latest infographic.

    MMN + BIA/Kelsey Webinar: WOGL

    Local is a relevant media strategy and national brands are capitalizing on this approach. Isn't it time you do too? Download our webinar recording and access the full presentation.

    MMN + BIA/Kelsey: Win of Going Local

    National brands are rediscovering that localizing their campaigns allow them to customize their approach to their target segments, achieving higher precision and ROI in their strategies.

    Get With The

    70% of B2B marketers plan to increase spending on programmatic. For more facts & figures, check out our latest infographic.

    The Year of Video

    The power of video continues to grow exponentially and it empowers marketers to deliver authentic content & build brand relationships. Learn more.

    MPA+MMN Webinar: Neuroscience & Advertising

    It’s not every day that science directly tells us what’s critical to consider when engaging our target audiences. Learn more about advertising efficacy.

    Impact: Power of Print Advertising

    Inspirational & Influential. Research continues to prove that magazines are a powerful advertising medium. See how it measures up.

    Don't Worry, Be Happy: Power of Print Advertising

    Readers look to magazines to learn about a new product, enhance their life, or as a place for inspiration. See all the ways magazines positively affects its readers.

    Vertical Impact: Power of Print Advertising

    Print magazines are a critical source for driving business across many industry verticals. See how the numbers stack up for different verticals.

    Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions

    Trends come and go, especially in digital advertising. See where we've been and what's picking up steam for the future, from personalization to hyper-targeting.

    Programmatic Advertising Takes Off

    Take a look back at emerging standards, acquisitions and spending growth. Look forward as programmatic advertising continues to change the digital landscape.

    Neuroscience & Advertising How the Mind Works

    A look at how the mind works in driving print advertising efficacy. It's about attribution. Print + digital are a powerful combination.

    Distinctive & Influential: Gen X Affluent Influencers

    Are you forgetting a key demographic? An important segment of Generation X called the Affluent Influencers deserves a second look.