Marketing for Professionals.

MediaMax helps small and midsized businesses create a marketing plan that makes sense – and delivers ROI – in today’s overwhelming new media world.

Financial Services

Financial services include the products offered by banks, lenders and accountants. Savings accounts, loans, wealth management and financial advice are just a few of the examples of the products a consumer might purchase from a financial services company.


Lawyers/ Legal Firms

Attorneys or lawyers provide legal counsel and advice to clients in a range of areas. An attorney might specialize in family law and divorce or guide clients through bankruptcy. Some provide advice and assistance on everyday legal matters, such as contract advice and estate planning. Attorneys can also offer their services to other businesses.


Doctors/ Practices

Doctors, and other healthcare professionals, help to treat illnesses and injuries. Some also specialize in helping clients maintain their health and well-being. Others like plastic surgeons perform facial reconstructive surgeries for their patients.

How We Advertise Professional Services.


Often, professional service firms want to reach an audience in a specific geographic area. Lawyers and doctors, in particular, are usually licensed to practice in a particular state and can’t offer their services outside of that area. Geotargeting means your firm’s ads will only run in areas where people can actually use your services.

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Audience Identification

Your firm might tweak its message slightly depending on the audience it wants to meet. For example, high-net-worth individuals are more likely to seek out wealth management services than individuals who have less money. For that reason, if you’re promoting wealth management services, you’ll want to target your ads to affluent consumers.

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Brand Building

Knowing how to advertise professional services means knowing who your brand is. MediaMax specializes in helping professional services firms build their brands, sometimes from the ground up. We’ll work with you to help you choose the font, logo colors, and overall aesthetics that define your brand.

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Content Alignment

Once we’ve helped you build your brand, we’ll work with you to align the content, so that your message is unified, whether your ads appear in print or digital forms. Aligning your content creates consistency, which is going to make your brand stand out in the minds of the consumers you’re trying to reach.


Professional Marketing Services.

Over 20 Years of Success

How you go about advertising your firm’s services depends on your overall goal and the type of audience you want to reach. At MediaMax, we’ve worked with numerous companies in the professional services field, helping each one develop a marketing strategy based on its intended audience and goals.

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Why Choose Us?

MediaMax specializes in providing full-service, results-driven digital solutions to financial services companies, attorneys, doctors and other professional services firms. We’ll connect you to the right media channels while being mindful of your budget. Contact us today to learn more.

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