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There is a Small Business Month?


There is a Small Business Month?


If you have received an email from MediaMax in the past three weeks, you have probably learned that May is Small Business Month. And while for us, every month is Small Business Month, the fact that way back in 1963 the government deemed May Small Business Month[1] has given MediaMax just another reason to celebrate with a special promotion for our hundreds of SMB clients.


In May of last year, we were focused on upholding a promotion that allowed small businesses to sustain the 2020 marketing strategy they had originally planned for, while remaining top-of-mind with Conde Nast subscribers. A year later, as the light at the end of the COVID tunnel brightens each day, we have seen category after category emerge from the woodwork to resume their advertising efforts in anticipation for an economic boom. In reality, May Small Business Month has come at the perfect time.


For the first time ever, we are running a print promotion that includes an email marketing component. This offers a new direction for emerging brands and small business owners to explore with their advertising, whether it be the boutique hotel targeting eager vacationers, the interior designer hoping to reach homeowners as they prepare to return to party-hosting, or the emerging window and door company looking to expand to a couple of new markets. And while the past fourteen months have been undeniably tough on small businesses, the overwhelming majority of these businesses are arising from this crisis stronger than ever.