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The Magic of Feedback (and a Nod to Employee Appreciation Day)


Have you ever organized a Door Dash for lots of coworkers in lots of different locations?

Me neither!

Until today… (Shout out to Cassandra Jimenez at Door Dash for helping me out.) 


I’ll make this quick…

I’m feeling pretty lucky today, because word on the street says more than two thirds of employees don’t feel engaged at their workplace. A common reason? Feeling underappreciated.

All of us – no exceptions – have limited time, money and energy. We want to be good at our jobs and work quickly and effectively. But we can’t without the proper feedback. I’m feeling lucky today because I’m getting that proper feedback, and I hope you are, too. I hope you’re giving some feedback as well.

Feels good when you hear, “Good job.” Feels great when you hear it along with specific feedback.

Employee Appreciation Day is this one Friday out of the entire year. But workplaces like MediaMax take it to heart 24/7/365.

Big-time thanks to our entire team.

Happy EAD and Happy Friday!


(Okay, back to this Door Dash thing…)


  1. Drew Clark on March 5, 2021 at 2:43 pm

    We love mediamax!

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