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Summer 2020: Why Local Marketing Matters

A whopping 93 percent of travelers have already changed their plans. But here’s the opportunity…

Local Marketing in Summer 2020

Local marketing will be as hot this year as the summer sun. Travel restrictions and anxieties will result in the popularity of the local road trip. 

That presents a huge boom for advertisers who know how to use geo-data and first-party data to understand and appeal to consumers en route to their destinations and when they arrive and are looking for products, services, and entertainment. For example:

Using first-party data overlays across channels such as OTT (over-the-top), social, and podcasts can have many advantages for travel campaigns.”

Travel companies — hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality-related businesses — will turn their marketing dollars and focus to reaching buyers in their own backyards rather than attracting long-distance travelers. 

What Marketing Strategies to Utilize Post COVID-19

Sharing our perspective, MediaMax was recently featured in Street Fight, the premier media outlet for local marketing. We advise brands — big and small — on how summer travel and travel-related brands will be affected by COVID-19 and what marketing strategies can be aligned as we move forward.. 

Savvy marketers will use individual consumer preferences and behaviors to target offers — at exactly the right time. Analyze and apply enhanced data and target media type to your audience and their locations. By using that approach, you’ll spend every precious dollar most efficiently and see the greatest ROI.

Advertisers to Consider a Strategic Media Plan

Time is of the essence. Advertisers should consider a strategic media plan quickly in order to leverage the summer season. Travelers will be delighted because they find what they need when they need it. Travel companies will grow business more efficiently… and the summer of data will result in the summer of sales!