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Print Advertising Works (Says Everyone)

What better way to kick off a new year than really understanding what is going to make an impact in your advertising strategy? MediaMax and MPA (The Association of Magazine Media) came together to uncover your answer to driving results.

In this case, it IS all in your head. In fact, it’s called Neuroscience.

In our recent webinar, we unveiled several facts that support the “power of print” and how the mind works in driving print advertising efficacy. We also presented on the hot topic of message retention in the digital age.

“Studies continually show that print magazines deliver stronger advertiser ROI even when a lot of other media are in the mix. There has been a wide range of research done on this topic and we continue to share key insights and empower marketers to understand the true impact of the medium.” -Linda Thomas Brooks, President and CEO, MPA

Don’t believe us. Believe science.

Pretty powerful, right? Listen to our webinar to hear more, learn new insights, and realize what you need to know.

It’s not mind play. Remember these key takeaways.

  • You need to understand the paradox. Print dollars are often shifted, yet print advertising delivers the strongest advertiser ROI.
  • Let KPIs tell the story. Ad recall, persuasion, brand consideration, purchase intention and actual purchase are higher with print.
  • We’re not dismissing other channels. Each medium has strengths, and the best plans use integrated strategies. Multi-channel, multi-touchpoint is our present & future.

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