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Why Advertising Makes Sense During Crisis

In the last couple of weeks, there has been a level of anxiety across the world, country, and especially right in our own backyard, Westchester County, NY.  In the midst of this Coronavirus chaos, fears are high and many brands are hesitant to invest in marketing and advertising with such uncertainty. But, to the contrary, brands should demonstrate that it is business as usual, continuing their vision and working with their clients.

Potential Effects on Marketing Efforts
The constant news, reports, and warnings have shaken people’s confidence and marketers expect that it could affect attitudes in the coming months. That said, consumers and businesses alike want to know that their partners are set up for disparate times and can continue to deliver value with their products and services.

Local Advertising – A Necessity
More than ever, local advertising is critical. The sense of community and the support of local vendors and service providers is what makes consumers build trust. In a marketing world where audience is everything, local advertising is the perfect tool to speak directly and connect with a target audience on a more personal level. 

Is this considered taking advantage of a serious situation? Absolutely not… It’s simple. In scary times, brands can offer messages of strength… whether by their messaging or by simply showing that it’s business as usual. 

Assist Clients While Managing Business in an Efficient Manner
We are all experiencing volatile times right now. This will require us to focus even more closely on helping our clients navigate through this environment and at the same time, managing our business efficiently. Focus, flexibility and strategic thinking all come into play in times like these.

I always believe in the motto, “what doesn’t truly hurt us, makes us stronger”. This too shall pass.

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