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What Really Makes a Successful Campaign?

Any marketing strategy needs to be as dynamic as the audience it wishes to target. Little wonder then that Hubspot’s State of Inbound report reveals that the biggest challenge for marketing is generating traffic and leads, followed closely by proving the ROI of marketing activities. So, what makes for a marketing campaign that has the maximum chances of succeeding? Here’s a look.

4 Things to Keep in Mind While Formulating a Marketing Campaign

1.   Brand Building

The first step is to establish the brand in the minds of the target audience. For this, we need to create consistent brand messaging across all channels. Starting with the logo design, consider the color scheme that you will use in all your communications, both offline and online. It is almost like seeing that huge yellow “M” on a rooftop tells you that the building is home to a McDonalds outlet. You need to create recall value for your brand among your customer base. This not only means robust brand exposure, it also means consistency in a way that the moment they see the color combination or logo, they know which business it is and what value it can provide.

2.   Reaching Consumers at Every Touch Point

The debate about offline versus online should be laid to rest, as you cannot hope to achieve maximum brand exposure with just one channel. It has to be an omni-channel approach. This means that you need to know where your target audience is and then reach them on that channel. So, are you targeting millennials who spend a large part of their free time on social media? Or, do you wish to create a hyper-local campaign that geotargets a specific region? On the other hand, print ads have been found to trigger a deeper emotional response than online ads, since they garner much greater focus and engagement from the viewer.

3.   Authority in the Market

Building credibility and trust among your target base is key to achieving a loyal customer base. And, it is when a customer sees you as a thought leader in your field, as the expert so to speak, will they then foster trust for your brand. So, in building your authority in the market, your marketing campaign should also include high-quality, relevant content on various channels that will position you the way you wish to be considered in the market.

4.   Monitoring ROI

A marketing campaign cannot be based on static strategies. It needs to be responsive to changes in customer needs, preferences, aspirations and more. By monitoring the progress of a campaign, you can ensure early identification of channels or types of marketing that are not bearing fruit. The key aim of any marketing strategy is to bring returns on investment (ROI). If your data reveals that ROI from a specific source is low, you can modify your strategy accordingly and early enough to cut short losses on an ineffective channel.

Given that digital marketing spend alone is expected to cross the $103 billion mark for the US in 2019, according to Forrester, it is critical to plan strategic multi-channel campaigns, monitor regularly, and optimize when needed.

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