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MMN Weekly Roundup 01.16.2017

It’s a new year. Lots of predictions, planning and projections. We’re sharing our recent favorites. Some great insights and ideas to set your strategy straight. Are you ready?

10 Digital Media and Marketing Predictions for 2017

2016 has been a year of shifts in social media, technology and digital marketing. Influencer marketing went mainstream, the internet became all about video and every digital marketer is looking for a way to connect business outcomes to their social media efforts.

So what’s in store for 2017? We queried a panel of digital marketing and technology experts about their predictions for the future of influencer marketing, digital customer service and more. Hear what they had to say.

BIA/Kelsey Analyst 2017 Top Predictions

Prediction: National brands will outpace regional and local SMBs in total ad spend to target local audiences.

Rick Ducey, BIA/Kelsey’s Managing Director expects, “National brands will outpace regional and local small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in total ad spend growth to target local audiences. Agencies and marketers for these national brands will increase their ad spend targeting local audiences by $17.1 billion from 2015 through 2020. Regional advertisers’ spending will be relatively flat, and local SMBs will increase their spend by $10.6 billion.”

Prediction: Print will continue to evolve and maintain a large share of small businesses’ dollars.

Celine Matthiessen, BIA/Kelsey’s Vice President, Analysis & Insights, anticipates, “Print is evolving and still holds a large share of small businesses’ ad dollars. This will continue as smart companies extend print campaigns through native and digital targeted media. In our forecast for 2017, $53 billion will be spent on local print. Newspapers, magazines and Yellow Pages are offsetting declines in print revenue with digital. These traditional digital efforts are projected to grow 4.0 percent annually from 2017 to 2021. Newspapers and Yellow Pages companies continue to extend their advertisers’ reach through large networks via programmatic ad buying beyond their owned and operated properties, which levels the playing field and helps them to retain advertisers that are shifting their share to digital.”

Top Marketers Say: Stop Doing These Things for Greater Success in 2017

It’s always easy to find advice on what new strategies, tactics, and tools marketers should add to their mix. Especially this time of year, the internet overflows with advice. Start this new habit. Try this browser extension. Use this time management plan.

It’s good to learn and grow, of course. It’s great to add to your skillset or your toolbox. You can’t add on forever, though—eventually you need to take a few things out to stop from getting in your own way.

They asked some of our favorite marketing experts what you should stop doing in 2017 to be more productive, more efficient, and achieve better results. Here’s what they had to say.