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MaxTraits: How MediaMax Increases Sales While Improving Happiness

We’re all familiar with the Ancient Greek aphorism, “Know thyself.”

Though no one’s really sure who said it first.

Socrates? Plato? The actress who wrote My Big Fat Greek Wedding?


When COVID first hit, like most people, I was freaked out and frightened. Holed up in my apartment, looking for positivity, I managed to find my way to a podcast called The Happiness Lab, hosted by Dr. Laurie Santos of Yale University. Her podcast led me to her free online Coursera course, “The Science of Well Being,” which led me to the writings of Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman, which led me to their VIA Character Strengths Survey. (VIA stands for “Values in Action.”)

The survey is quick (just 15 minutes) and accurate. It’s billed as “the only free, scientific survey of character strengths in the world.” (You can take it here.) And research shows that knowing and using your character strengths (such as judgment, creativity, honesty, spirituality, and 20 others) can help you:

find meaning and purpose
increase happiness and well-being
manage stress and health
accomplish goals
improve relationships

When I started here at MediaMax last month, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about #MaxTraits, which is based on the VIA Survey. Everyone at the company shares their top five strengths. (Mine are humor, social intelligence, creativity, forgiveness and kindness.) Knowing the strengths of your coworkers is great for communication, and when you’re able to make full use of your own strengths at work, you’re happier and much more productive. (For example, our Chief Strategy Officer is allowing my jokes in the blog. Thanks Eric!)

Take the survey! See how well you “know thyself.” And when you get in touch to place your local ad, feel free to ask to work with someone on our end who best aligns with your strengths.

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