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Magazines: Perception vs. Reality

We know times have changed. We definitely know that technology has changed the face of the media industry. Personally, I am still a diehard magazine reader. I manage my life online [work, play, shop, schedule, communicate] but, there is a certain feeling and influence when reading a magazine. There is a trust factor and a retention that is just plain old different than skimming online.

The perceived death of print as the digital era emerged continues to muddy the waters. But most brands recognize that perception is not reality. Magazines are still one of the strongest media vehicles to drive brand exposure and activation. Most importantly, it’s the power of print in combination with other media that is the most critical business factor to remember.

Consider the following:
Advertising in print in combination with other media adds substantially to brand awareness.

Print works. The results prove it.
FACT: People process print content with greater focus of attention and with intense emotional reverberations vs. the screen format
IMPACT: Higher comprehension and recall

FACT: Print in your media mix moves both upper and lower funnel metrics
IMPACT: Higher persuasion and purchase intent

FACT: 1,400 client studies show that print has a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of $3.94 for every $1 spent.
IMPACT: Magazines show the highest return on advertising spend

FACT: PRINT offers the only industry-wide sales guarantee
IMPACT: No risk – over 60 campaigns have shown that advertising in a print magazine drives both sales and ROI.

*Source: MPA Factbook 2017-18