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Local: Who’s Walking the Walk?

With so many media options these days, brands and agencies are inundated. In this cluttered landscape, how do they see through the fog at the partners who can drive real value? Talking the talk is one thing, but who’s walking the walk?

As media professionals, we can tell all about our concepts, cool assets, and capabilities. But the most critical asset in any relationship is understanding the client’s brand, goals, and objectives.

Duh, right? Well, how many times do you get a sales call and it’s all about what they can do for you, rather than focusing on what you need?

Media continues to be the single biggest investment for most marketers and advertisers, yet the option continues to expand with more choices and more specialists entering the marketplace. Local advertising ups the game even more. There are hundreds of local markets and simply too many local media options. So, how do you go about not only choosing the right program, but also the right media partner for your business?

Here are a few things to consider.

    1. What media services do you require? Can you support in-house or can an external partner be an extension of your team? How can a one-stop-shop partner help you?
    2. What local media specialities do you need? A number of ‘specialities’ have emerged within the local media landscape including print, digital, social, OOH, and so forth.
    3. What is your budget? Can this partner build an integrated program based on this allocation and drive ROI?
    4. How effective is the ‘chemistry’ or ‘fit’? Most relationships that last long-term are based on mutual respect, understanding and consideration; more than the camaraderie of the new business pitch. It’s a genuine interest in or passion for your business; an open and honest approach that will engender trust and respect…and most importantly deliver positive results.
    5. Do you have the time and expertise to consider all the options? If not, find a partner that has dedicated media experts that partner with advertisers like you ̶ to design geo-targeted programs, make the best media choices, and achieve your goals.

While talking the good talk has value, results are impossible unless the walk gets walked. Whether a national company, a regional marketer, or an emerging brand, finding the right partner is everything.

MediaMax has its walking shoes on. Ready to talk? Contact us now.