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Is Print Advertising Still Effective?

Print advertising uses physically printed media to reach out to prospective customers and other potential business associates. To reach the desired target audience, this form of advertising uses:

  • Magazines

  • Newspapers

  • Coupons sent by mail

  • Fliers

  • Billboards

Is Print Advertising Effective?

From startups and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies include print advertising as an important arsenal in their marketing campaign.

Consider the following to determine the effectiveness of print advertising:

Print ads are processed with greater focus and engagement, while also triggering a deeper emotional response, than ads viewed on a screen

  • according to neuroscience research quoted by Forbes.

The response rate for direct mailers is 3.4%. Sounds low? Not when you compare it to the response rate for emailers, at merely 0.12%

  • according to a report cited by AZ Central, USA Today Network.

Effectiveness of Print Ads

Here are some statistics that highlight the effectiveness of print ads in the digital era:




Respondents of a survey said they trust newspapers and magazine ads versus online ads

Online searches are triggered by offline marketing efforts

People make purchases after viewing a combination of online and offline marketing


15 minutes per day



Are spent by average Americans reading a magazine

Magazines are in circulation in the US

New consumers for start-ups are attracted by signages

Advantages Offered by Print Ads

Here’s why companies are dedicating resources to print ads:

  • Print media can target audience with very specific interests. There are magazines that are popular in very specific niches.

  • Print media has a high perceived value among its enthusiasts.

  • Print media is often able to grab the undivided attention of its readers.

  • Readers of branded print magazines spend an average of 25 minutes on them.

  • Print ads in newspapers and magazines targeting readers who have spent money for the content. So, their attention spans and engagement levels are higher.

How to Track the Success of Your Print Advertising Campaign?

It’s important to track and measure how your print ads are performing in order to facilitate decision making related to your marketing camping. Tracking the engagement and conversions triggered by your print ads can help you optimize your future campaigns.

The effectiveness of print ads can be tracked online. This can be achieved using:

Unique Promo Codes: Use a unique code in your print ads that offer a discount. Whenever this code is used, you know that the audience has viewed the print ad.

Discount Coupon: If you’ve mailed coupons that need to be shown at the store to be eligible for a discount, these can be recorded and tracked.

Landing Page: Create a landing page and share the link of that page only in your print ads. You can track the traffic visiting this page to know how effective your print efforts have been. However, you’ll need to give an incentive to people for visiting the page.

Unique Phone Number: Share a phone number in your print ads and track the number of calls you receive. Here, too, you’ll need to give people an incentive for calling.

QR Codes: Including QR codes in your print ads not only allows you to track their effectiveness but also gives you a chance to get your contact details into the customer’s phone. Yes, a QR code can hold details like your company name, phone number, address, and email ID.

Surveys: You could simply ask your customers where they first heard about your company.

How to Create Effective Print Ads

Here are some things to keep in mind to create print ads that get results:

Headline: Focus purely on grabbing attention. The only aim is to encourage people to read more.

Visuals: Make it as visually stimulating as possible. One can use illustrations, photographs, clip art, geometric shapes or even abstract images.

Copy: This needs to be compelling. At the same time, it should complement the visuals. The artwork and text should tell the same story or convey the same message.

Keep it simple: Avoid cluttering the ad with too many elements. Done correctly, a simple ad can be more impactful.

Use white spaces: Ads overstuffed with images and text can be overwhelming and confusing.

Create for the target audience: Keep the demographics, interest and any other specifications of the target audience in mind when creating the ad.

Call to action: Remember to include a call to action and make it clear and compelling. Combining this with an offer can get better results, like a discount, a contest with a prize or a free gift.

Contact details: Include all the details one would need to contact you or purchase the product/service.

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