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Is Clubhouse a Good Idea for Businesses?

Am I understanding Clubhouse correctly?

It’s invitation-only, right? And it’s kind of like Twitter, but you’re not scrolling and scrolling and reading what everyone’s saying, instead you’re listening to what they’re saying, and you can say stuff back, too, right? As long as a moderator approves? So… it’s like an audio-based social media app with referees? For actual real-time conversations about anything and everything? Am I getting this right?

Keeping up with the latest and most effective ways for your business to play on social media is no small task. Yikes.

Clubhouse seems to me like a great idea for businesses – ours and yours – a great way to converse and discuss ideas. Perfect for getting super-direct feedback from clients and prospects. But… hmmm… that “invitation-only” detail…

It feeds the “VIP” and celebrity thing happening on the app, which feeds its exclusivity vibe. Drake, Tiffany Haddish, Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher and Chris Rock have all conversed in themed chat rooms. Seriously, how much small-to-medium-sized business can you get done when Drake’s around? (Asking for a friend.)

Based on everything I’ve heard, the main drawbacks:

Among the non-celeb crowd (you and me), there’s the distinct and smothering feel of aggressive salesmanship. Everyone’s branded themselves, and they’re coming at you hard. Not great for organic discussions.

Even in a themed chat room, and despite the best efforts of an involved moderator, things can veer off topic. Like, WAY off topic. (Think of a Twitter conversation brought to life in real time. Kinda messy.)

The main pluses:

Definitely a great place to make real connections with the right people. The best rooms are chill and orderly, with polite back-and-forth about work, business, taste and everyday experiences.

Big money has been invested in it ($10mil from Andreessen Horowitz for starters), and smart people run it, so its chances of improving, evolving and sticking around look solid. Twitter’s quick copycat move is “Spaces,” its own version of chat. (You know what they say about imitation & flattery.)

For now, if your business wants to affordably advertise in national magazines – just in your local markets – get in touch the old fashioned way. I’ll get you set up in no time at all…

But… maybe someday soon we’ll connect in the Clubhouse… if it’s still a thing.

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  1. Robert McEvily on February 18, 2021 at 11:26 am

    Some additional info; an excellent blog post about Clubhouse by PMG’s Abby Long:

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