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The Holy SH#T Moment

Sometimes the best conversations are based around past experiences. You share the exchange and in one way or another, share a secret that can create positive change.

So today, I share.

Time and time again, we explain the value of local advertising. But, brand marketers and media planners still struggle with adopting it as a strategy. It’s time consuming, intimidating, tedious to manage, and sometimes hard to get beyond the CPM. Think about it. It can mean multiple markets, multiple media, and different budget allocations.

On a recent sales call with a regional brand, we shared that we can run their advertising in world renowned magazines and only in the 5 markets they are targeting. Better yet, we can align a targeted digital campaign to those 5 markets as well. And the best part, we will manage and optimize it all for you. Low waste, high ROI.

Here it comes… The Holy Sh#t moment!

We LOVE these moments. Their faces light up. Their jobs just became easier, their budgets were optimized, and they’re going to be the brand hero. Let’s face it. Not all media is created equal. To reach a targeted audience in highly regarded brands delivers authenticity, trust, and value. Isn’t that what we all want with our clients?

And it doesn’t stop with regional brands. National brands are driving the biggest growth in local advertising, yet still are challenged with justification. Is it that we have to reverse our thinking? So many bigger brands and agencies focus on the execution of local campaigns when in fact, they should focus on rethinking local as a strategy. Local is not a trend. It’s a strategic way to gain growth. By connecting with local markets, targeting unique audiences, and speaking directly to them creates deeper exposure and opportunity.

What to consider:

  • If there’s no local activation budget, explore if local can be extended to a national campaign.
  • When growing share is so difficult, there might be better buoyancy in local markets.
  • With the growth of data integration, local will become a standard strategy for personalization and growth. You can be ahead of the curve now.
  • No one is truly trained in ‘local’, but you don’t necessary have to be. Companies like MMN build their businesses around being a local advertising expert and partner to its clients.

We all have our moments. Why not make it a good moment…a holy sh#t moment?!

To learn more how brands have leveraged MMN local advertising, check out our case studies.
Ready to create a moment? Reach out now.