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High IQ and MaxIQ: A Perfect Match

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
– Albert Einstein


I moved last Monday, and I’m feeling pretty settled now after all the craziness.

A big upside of moving is the chance to get rid of lots of stuff you no longer need. (Like my “Live Laugh Love” picture frame, which a recent Progressive commercial embarrassed me into dumping.)

I decided to treat myself to a new bed, so I poked around online for a decent air mattress. Figured I could use it in the interim, and keep it for guests when things get back to normal. What followed was a study in retargeting.

The customer path of purchase is so much more complicated now than it was 30 years ago. Today, when customers want to buy something, they hunt around for the best deal or the best product. They have far more choices than ever before. The Internet makes it easy for them to check out 30 of your competitors, and then decide.

Your business needs a strong Internet presence, which means you need the data behind the purchasing decisions of your customers.

Print advertising is extremely effective when you’re targeting customers on a local level. Digital advertising is the icing on the local cake. (And yes, I just invented that amazing new slogan.)

You need to know what decisions people are making and why they’re making those decisions in order to develop an effective marketing strategy. That’s where MaxIQ comes in. Think of it as your secret weapon in defining and engaging your exact audience across multiple touchpoints.

With Max IQ, you’ll have access to over 120 million verified deliverable consumers who can be reached across channels, including email, desktop, mobile, social, and video. MaxIQ’s retargeting capabilities are phenomenal.  Get in touch today and we’ll walk you through how it works.


So… which air mattress did I buy? I went with the King Koil, because they did the best job of retargeting me. Saw an ad on Instagram a day after visiting their website, which triggered my purchase. Simple as that.

Seeing as how today is “National Let’s Laugh Day,” can’t resist a quick marketing joke…

Why do digital marketers love to shop at Whole Foods?

Because they have lots of organic content.



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