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Gen Z, Millennials & Gen X: Social Media Super-Friends Unite!

As you can see, I’m thinking…

Is my Bitmoji quarantine beard cooler than Luke’s?

Probably not.

Actually, I’ve got bigger things on my mind these days. MediaMax has so many great clients, and because we’re all so busy finding those clients and making them happy, no one’s had time to pump up our social media channels.

That is, until now. Yours Truly to the rescue!  (Not.)

Look, I’m a proud member of Generation X. We’re not digital natives. We love the Psychedelic Furs and use proper grammar and punctuation in tweets. As kids, we were known as the slacker generation. These days I’m working really hard, but I’ve definitely had my slacker times. I used to love to wake up at the crack of noon. Now I’m up before the roosters, because THE TIME HAS COME to spread the word about the awesomeness that is MediaMax!

But first, a saying…

“Many hands make light work.”

Who said that? I forget. I say THIS, though: “Many young, smart, creative people make social media for business a breeze.” You can quote me on that!

Pictured above are Anna Guemple, Malka Chu, and Luke Sweeney, three of our newest Business Development Representatives, and Gill Hurtig, one of our SMB Media Advisors. The level of service they provide to all of our small business clients is off the charts. I scheduled separate calls to get their opinions and insights on social.

One of my favorite ideas from Malka was about employee takeovers, where a member of the company takes control of our social media for a day, or longer. It’s a great way to keep things fresh and varied and interesting. She mentioned giveaways, too – always a great idea, and featuring our clients in posts.

Gill reminded me we should emphasize how we care about our clients and coworkers, plus show how we always help with the speed and agility unique to small businesses.

Luke made sure I kept our target audience in mind: You, the small-to-medium-sized business person. “Good design with posts is important, too,” he said. “Aesthetics matter.”

Anna was in charge of social at a previous job, so stay tuned for more insights as we reconnect about what she’s learned.

I hope you’ll subscribe to this blog and take this ride with us as we work to provide value and entertainment on our social channels. We’re gonna start with Instagram and Twitter. Think of this as a real-time case study. You can apply what we’re learning and sharing here on our blog to your own social media. Both your professional and personal accounts.

Our followings are small right now, but with our happy clients and our exclusive relationship with Condé Nast, and with the help of the very smart people you’ve just met, we’ll be growing in no time. If you follow along, so will your business!

Super-Friends Unite!

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