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From Data to Identity: That Magic Moment

We live in a multi-tasking, multi-conversational world. At any given time, there is an extremely high likelihood that you will be on your phone, checking email or browsing social media before you draw your next breath! There’s more content than we can consume, more to focus on, and less time to spend on details.

Funny, not funny….
Research has shown that humans now have an attention span of just 8 seconds – which is allegedly less than that of a goldfish.

As a marketer, this is not trivial. And grabbing immediate attention is certainly not an easy feat to achieve. Messaging is critical but speaking to the right audience is what makes the difference. If your message speaks directly to the targeted person, it becomes relevant and response is significantly higher.

So, what empowers you to connect messaging, media, and creating ‘micro moments’? DATA.

MediaMax understands the power of these micro moments when you connect and engage directly with your next best customer. Using first-party data, MediaMax now offers MAX IQ™, to reach your audience with a true 1:1 match. Marketers, across verticals, are using this approach to eliminate wasted impressions and achieve the strongest ROI on their data-driven marketing efforts.

Keep in mind:
• First party data is a marketer’s 1st choice for customer insights.
• 2/3 of marketers identify 1st party data as their best choice for data-driven success, including highest lift, best customer insight, increased Customer Life Value (CLV), and financial return. (Forrester)

First-party data is king. Everyone knows that any company not collecting and activating 1st party data from multiple assets is basically leaving money on the table. It empowers marketers to target audiences based on their tracked behavior. No guessing. No waste. High ROI.

And the best part… you’ve connected, engaged, and influenced a highly targeted prospect. That’s a moment you can never forget.

For more information on MAX IQ™, read our latest MAX IQ™ press release.