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First Impressions: 4 Tips for Successful Local Marketing

Marketing is a funny thing. Being in marketing is even more amusing. We live, sweat, and die by marketing to the right people at the right time. Yet, we are mis-marketed all day long. [Sigh]. What I do know is that Marketing is indeed an art and a science… and it’s not always as easy as it seems. Take it one step further ̶ local marketing.

It’s like a blind date. You can go for a drink at a local bar. Certainly low risk, but are you making the best impression? Or you can go to an upscale restaurant and set the tone for the relationship. Same philosophy for local marketing. Plenty of cheap options but, are they really representing your business in the way you need?

As all marketing, local marketing needs to be customer centric. Building the right strategy, using the best medium and reaching the right people is no small feat. Here are 4 simple tips for a successful local marketing strategy.

    1. Know your customers. Use customer and 3rd party data to build customer profiles, segment, and understand what resonates with them. If not readily accessible, simply do your homework on the local market – income, community interests, etc.
    2. Practice what you preach. Your audience doesn’t always want more content. However, they want a more personalized experience. According to Forrester, while 66 percent of marketers feel they are doing an excellent or very good job at personalizing advertising and marketing; only 31% of consumers agree. It’s critical to be authentic and speak directly to them – in message and medium. Don’t generalize.
    3. Take an integrated approach, regardless of budget. Advertising, events, and social media can all play an integral role in maximizing exposure for your business and driving revenue to your bottom line. Don’t limit yourself…and remember some things don’t cost anything.
    4. Go where your clients are. Gone are the days of one dimension campaigns. Now, you need to consider multiple touch points to engage your audience in real time, including print, digital, and mobile.

Local marketing is not always easy. There are lots of choices, and most of the time, budgets are the determining factor. But, it’s not impossible. In fact, MediaMax delivers premium media solutions in hundreds of markets in the US and Canada. Let us do the hard work while your enjoy the results.

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