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Facebook Uncovered: Verifying the Best Data

On the heels of all of the buzz surrounding Facebook these days, MediaMax wants to provide some key information to help our clients and prospective clients feel more confident about the quality of our first-party data (MaxIQ) and drive more success with our audience-driven Facebook ads.

Here’s a brief Q&A with our Head of Digital, Maribel Adams, who answers questions that everyone wants answered but might be reluctant to ask.

What’s been happening with Facebook?
Facebook and one of its partners are involved in an ongoing dispute over the misuse of personal data and data manipulation. In response, Facebook removed third-party data partners such as Acxiom and Epsilon from their data marketplace.

Should I be concerned? Is there an impact?
We want to assure our clients that this incident does not impact our working relationship with Facebook. I bet some of you are looking for ways to qualify how you are targeting on FB. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Has anything changed since these issues have become public?
The quick answer is NO. MediaMax continues to be a trusted Facebook partner and our first-party data is approved to be uploaded and matched to Facebook for targeting.

For any marketer who advertises on Facebook, MediaMax is here to help. We will work with your clients to create secure target audiences and effectively advertise to them on Facebook.

How does MaxIQ Work with Facebook?
When working with MaxIQ and Facebook, we bring our own data – and yes, all of our data is permission-based and ethically-sourced.

We create target audiences (the people you want to engage) and then directly upload these audiences to Facebook for targeting capabilities. Facebook matches the individuals to real Facebook users and then we serve social media ads to these people.

Can you share more info about first-party data and MaxIQ?
Sure, MaxIQ uses deterministic first-party data to reach your exact audience, helping to improve the overall efficiency of your campaign. You can learn more here.

In fact, you can also read our MaxIQ launch press release to understand why we introduced this product offering and how it can make a difference.

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