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‘One Size Fits All’ Should Never Be an Option

Let’s face it. It’s very easy to get excited over the shiny new penny, the latest in marketing technology, campaigns or programs. In fact, it’s imperative that marketers stay on top of the latest developments. But, there’s one thing. Don’t jeopardize your audience for the sake of something new. Whether it is digital media, print, OOH, or whatever channel, audience remains king. And—a “one size fits all” approach will never work. I repeat, never.

Marketing strategies have to be customized to meet the needs and requirements of your target audience–each and every individual. People are individualistic in today’s world and they cannot be lured by marketing strategies that are very generic in nature.

Digital is customized by nature, but there are easy ways out. Don’t be lured by low cost, low value programmatic strategies that are delivering quantity over quality. Speak directly to your audience—where they are, when they want it. Below are three brief examples of digital strategies that will help target your customers directly, based on their interests, behaviors, and location.

First-Party Data

The primary reason to use 1st party data over 3rd party data is simple: It’s better. This data comes directly from the source, making it as precise and accurate as possible. You can also evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign in a true 1 to 1 way by matching the people we’ve reached against your actual POS or registration data. Now, you can close the attribution loop and track your ROI. Ask us about our first-party data digital solution, maxIQ.

PMP Packages

Private Marketplace Packages (PMP) are built with a custom site list to align with relevant content and audiences. All participating publishers are hand-selected to provide guaranteed brand safe, premium environments. With this approach, there is contextual relevance, including alignment with highly desired themes based on vertical, consumer behaviors/interests, and innovative ad technologies. It’s delivered with quality inventory across desktop, tablet and mobile web.

Local Targeting

You can drive brand awareness on the most prominent sites in a specific DMA, leveraging desktop, mobile, and video inventory across premium local news and cultural sites within the top DMAs. As a local PMP, this provides your brand the opportunity to penetrate a specific market via one media buy. This approach eliminates the waste, delivers relevancy, and speaks directly to your local audience. MediaMax has its Community Collection to do just that.

Finally, let’s not forget the obvious. Multichannel matters.

Each consumer uses tech and accesses media differently –and using different channels drives audience engagement. Marketers need to reach them at every touchpoint.
Consider these facts.

51% of companies today use at least eight channels to interact with customers
72% consumers prefer an integrated approach rather than dividing channels into distinct silos.
-When using multiple channels in their buying process, consumers purchase about 30% more.

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