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Bon Appétit’s New Mantra: Come for the Food, Stay for the Stories

WARNING: This blog post is mouthwatering. Please grab a napkin and be prepared.


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the very cool person pictured above: Bon Appétit’s Vice President of Brand Revenue & Strategy, Francesca Marotti. Frankie’s role is a new gig at BA. Her job is tied directly to the brand’s revenue and sales teams, with some editorial team collaboration thrown in for good measure. “We’re kind of combining those worlds a bit more,” she told me, “and thinking differently about things.”

Where there’s different thinking, safe bet there’s new leadership.

Dawn Davis, BA’s three-months-in Editor-in-Chief, came to her position from the traditional publishing world. Frankie let me know about Dawn’s past experience befriending and promoting excellent writers, with an emphasis on undiscovered talent. “She’s a lover of great stories and a storyteller at heart,” Frankie said. “So she’s really approaching the brand from that perspective. Food connects us all. Everyone has a story that started around the dinner table.”

In celebration of Dawn’s new leadership, we’re offering special introductory rates for local advertisers for a limited time. Make sure you get in touch with Cara Katz, our VP of Sales, and she’ll hook you up!

Frankie was so generous with her time; anyone as busy as she is who answers all my questions is a saint! Check it out…


What would you say are your favorite details about your role as VP?

Well… today the traditional church and state distinction between advertisement and editorial is blurred. The most successful partnerships are those that are organically intertwined. In this new role, I straddle the line between editorial and revenue like never before – creating new initiatives that will benefit our consumers but also our advertisers. That’s what I love! 

Excellent! Okay, if I put you on the spot with a typical question like, “If there’s one word you’d like people to think of when they think of Bon Appétit, what would it be?” What would you say? And would you say that word has changed in the time you’ve been working with Dawn Davis?

I would cop out a bit and say my one word is food, BUT, it’s the evolution of food that’s critical to speak to. Food is so much more than a necessity to stay alive, it intrinsically links every single one of us together. In this next generation of BA, Dawn Davis is doubling down on this notion. She’s urging consumers to come for the food, and the recipes, but stay for the stories. 

Nice. Hey, is there a celebrity, writer, or photographer you’d absolutely love to work with on an upcoming issue?

Pass!  🙂  Dawn Davis and her team are the creative minds. However, on the partnership side, I would love to work with partners that respect and agree with our new vision. Partners who are willing to challenge the status quo of food media and lead a larger movement by celebrating a wide variety of chefs, ingredients, and perspectives. 

Okay, one last question and I’ll let you off the hook! Can you share a favorite recipe of your own?

I’m obsessed with our recent lunch package and have now made a version of the lunch tacos twice this week. And it’s only Wednesday!


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  1. Robert McEvily on February 18, 2021 at 4:27 pm

    BTW, I’m definitely having tacos for lunch today. 😊

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