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Advertising Requires a Rethink—What’s Next?

There’s no dispute that technology has transformed the way brands advertise and market themselves. The disruption is exciting but also very daunting. As an attendee at the BIA/Kelsey NEXT Conference in Boston this week, the message remained clear. The landscape is evolving at warped speeds and it’s not going to slow down any time soon.

So, it’s actually ironic. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the country, with a great history and a familiar heritage. Yet, industry peers spent time discussing the future of local digital advertising and marketing. What’s new? What’s coming? How we can change the way we engage our customers? Nothing traditional or historic about the conversation.

The one concept that was consistent was that advertising requires a rethink. We, as marketers, need to rethink and realign our objectives, approach, and the way we execute. It’s a new day with a new way.

Key takeaways:

  • Agile Marketing is Critical: Think less like a Marketing Manager and more like a Product Manager. Speed to execution is important but it’s critical to know when and how to execute. We must assess new opportunities and plan against them.
  • New Rules of Engagement: As marketers, we need to move from a CMO perspective to a Chief Customer Officer mindset. Focus should be on what we can do to drive the customer experience and keep them engaged.
  • Digital, Data Science, and the Value of Local: The art & science of digital advertising is the most powerful driver to using data and predictive analytics to fully understand your local customers and hyper-target them in the most strategic, efficient way.

Gone are the days of general market campaigns. Technology has activated a new path to the customer journey and it’s up to us to create the 1:1 experience they demand. As far as Beantown, it’s a fun, old city and the history will live on forever.