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7 Ways to Make Giving Part of Your Business Strategy This Year

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We’re entering the season of thanks — literally. 

Not only is Thanksgiving right around the corner, but Giving Tuesday is approaching on December 1st. Started as a grassroots program in 2012, it has rapidly become an opportunity for businesses to focus on initiatives that give back to others in need.

As we all know, 2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year. Giving Tuesday and the holiday season will present opportunities for all types of companies — big and small — to express their gratitude.

Giving has been on the upswing, and we can all do our part to continue this trend, helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Companies that are involved in philanthropy build greater trust with their customers and prospects. Company culture and character is more important than ever. The vast majority of customers and employees want to do business with companies that care about social issues.

The proof is in the results. 

Brands with a purpose set on improving our quality of life outperform the stock market by 120 percent”

 – Engage for Good

The most important tenet of giving is that it must be genuine and selfless. But random (and deliberate) acts of kindness are also great ways to establish your brand as one that cares.

7 Ways to Give Back This Season

  1. Honor and thank your clients and colleagues. People need a boost these days. Choose gifts and tributes that are memorable and meaningful. Enterprise-level companies can even use a platform like Sendoso to send CharityChoice gift cards.
  2. Partner with local charities to honor those in need and people who’ve had an incredibly tough year, for example:
    • Frontline health workers and the organizations that support them
    • Unemployed service workers, especially those in the hospitality — restaurant and hotel — sectors
    • Food banks and other organizations providing just-in-time support to needy individuals and families.
  3. Donate your company’s time and resources on a volunteer basis. Although in-person fundraising is on hold right now, spreading the word via your social channels can help non-profit organizations.
  4. Build campaigns that showcase one or more causes and donate a percentage of sales to a particular local or national charity. Work with us to create a hyper-local marketing plan. Some media outlets even donate advertising space and time to nonprofits.
  5. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, make it a drop-off point for products that people need — canned goods, used sneakers or eyeglasses, and toys. Just as you may be offering curbside pick-up, you can leverage curbside charity.
  6. Build strategic alliances with product manufacturers that have a charity component. By sending traffic to or selling products from companies like Greyston Bakery or Love Your Melon, you can create a win-win charitable scenario. When your customers are buying gifts, they’re also learning about charitable organizations.
  7. Don’t forget your team members. Involve them in the decision-making about your Giving Tuesday campaign and remember to thank them too — with gifts, a virtual celebration, or some other heartfelt and valued sign of gratitude.

Choose nonprofits that are meaningful to the audiences you serve, and be sure to research them using GuideStar and/or Charity Navigator. 

Remember that local organizations need your help too. They may not have the budgets that some larger nonprofits have and are often easier to work with SMBs.

Good Deeds Always Pay Off

Not only do Giving Tuesday programs benefit others in need, but they expose you to a new range of people and opportunities.

Successful businesses build philanthropy into their ongoing strategy, making every Tuesday — not to mention the other 364 days — Giving Tuesday.

MediaMax contributes to local hunger-related charities year-round. We put our money where our mouth is — and feed others. Let us help you create your Giving Season strategy. Contact us.