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3 Reasons Why We Are Giving Back

Companies need to instill a culture of giving back and such efforts always need to start from the top down. It’s even more important for a small company, as it not only drives change in our community but also within our organization.

Earlier this year, we started MAXCommunity, a dedicated initiative on giving back to the community. It was an ideal way to get involved in charities and organizations that are near and dear to our heart. Giving back and being involved with our community is a major part of our company culture. Each quarter we choose a company-wide project (or projects) to be involved with around our local community. As we approach this holiday season, we are participating in #GivingTuesday on November 28th.

MediaMax will be conducting a company-wide food drive and donating to the Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry, based in Westchester, NY. Hunger is an increasingly suburban problem. Mirroring a national trend, most Westchester feeding programs—pantries, soup kitchens, and other outreaches—have transitioned from “emergency providers” to regularly supplementing residents’ diets. A recent study reveals that since the year 2000, suburban poverty has increased by 65 percent, almost double the growth rate in urban areas. The Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry is set up to solve these challenges. Its setup mimics a grocery store; users can shop for fresh produce in addition to non-perishable staples. Free classes also help educate clients—many of whom hold minimum-wage jobs—about nutrition.

“MediaMax is delighted to participate in this movement. Working closely with our community, partners and clients to drive fundraising, build awareness, or simply to educate others, has always been in our company DNA,” stated Steve Portnoy, CEO of MediaMax. “We hope that our participation sheds light on the critical issues that challenge our society.

Why We Are Giving Back

1. Community Support is a Priority
We recognize that there are many people in our community who need support. Most importantly, we believe that every small effort goes a long way. Whether it’s a charity walk to raise money, volunteering at a local event, or simply donating to a charitable cause, it all matters. Building a reserve of goodwill in our community means we are building a connection to local residents and business owners.

2. Clients Relate Better to Socially Responsible Companies
Giving back improves our company’s image in the eyes of community members but also for our long-term clientele and prospective clients. It builds a level of respect and trust in the partnership…and also develops a long lasting rapport among companies. We know that ‘going beyond’ matters. For example, we try to support our key clients’ philanthropic activities by donating free PSA (Public Service Announcement) ad pages when available.

3. Good Will Drives Good Work
Participating in philanthropic initiatives helps our employees feel good about themselves and proud about where they work, which in turn builds loyalty among them. When our employees don’t feel connected to their job, they invest less of themselves in their work and the quality of their work is critical to our company’s success.

Let’s face it. It’s simply a nice feeling to do something good for someone else. So, why not foster this feeling among our co-workers and community members? The daily grind is difficult enough. Sometimes we all need all the motivation we can get. Good morale is essential to a successful business, and this is one of the best ways to bolster it. So, cheers to our team! And here’s to continuing to give back!

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