Advertising for Lawyers.

Legal advertising requires precision, expert knowledge, and the right approach. MediaMax has proven solutions that will help you reach your target audience.

Expert Legal Advertising.

Customer Data = Success

MediaMax is dedicated to providing clients with the most up-to-date customer data. We gather online information about your potential clients through our intelligent software. This way you can aim your ads directly at potential clients. In other words, you don’t have to worry about finding the right audience for your legal advertisements, as we do all the work for you.

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Luxury Programmatic

MediaMax’s luxury programmatic allows lawyers to purchase advertising space on premium online platforms. Our programmatic ensures that your legal advertisements are seen by clients that are looking for luxury legal services. All luxury programmatic advertisements with MediaMax will directly target your audience.

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Advertising Rules for Lawyers.


Lawyers are allowed to advertise their business to attract new clients. However, you want to make sure that you are following local advertising rules for lawyers, this way you don’t get into any legal trouble.

Advertising rules apply to lawyers who are marketing themselves online and offline. And regardless of which format you use, research local American Bar Association rules in your area. You can find them here.

Some advertising rules for lawyers to keep in mind include:

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1. Refrain From Calling Yourself an Expert

Be careful when you create your advertisements. You have to word your ads honestly to reflect your knowledge and skills as a lawyer. And, you can’t call yourself an expert or specialist, even if you have been a lawyer for many years.

According to the American Bar Association Rule 7.2, a lawyer can’t claim to be a specialist in certain areas of legal practice unless they are given specific certification by the ABA or a local organization that is accredited by the ABA. Keep this in mind as you promote yourself and your skills as a lawyer.

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2. Ads Should Not Have False or Misleading Claims

As a lawyer, you are required to be honest with your clients and not make any misleading claims. Not only is it unethical to lie to people whom you offer your legal services, but you can also land yourself in trouble with the ABA.

In short, lawyers shouldn’t make false or misleading statements about their fees, services, experience, and other relevant information. For instance, don’t say you have the cheapest prices in the area, or the best legal service, as this can mislead clients.

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3. Testimonials Should Be Ethically Sourced

You can use testimonials for your website and advertisements. However, refrain from soliciting testimonials from clients. You should never pay a client to give you a good review online. Testimonials should be given of a client’s own free will. Look at ABA Rule 7.2 (b) for more information.

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4. Include Approved Information

Finally, you want to know which information you can include in your legal advertising campaigns. Information in your ads will tell your clients everything they need to know about your brand and services.

We recommend doing a bit of research online about what you can put in your advertisement. Again, look at the ABA’s official rules for advertisement here. You can include your prices, qualifications, awards, memberships, and any of your publications.

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FAQs: Legal Advertising.

Content alignment marketing strategies are important for any brand or business. You want to make sure that your legal firm has a clear brand image that is consistent across different advertising spaces and mediums.

Conflicting messages and ads will only slow down the growth of your marketing campaign. For the best ROI, you need to have cohesive legal advertisements. Having this strategy in place will let clients know you are trustworthy and reliable.

Explore how we effectively aligned with our client’s brand messaging to boost awareness of their retail locations. Read our case study here.

MediaMax offers local prestige advertising through 11 high-class magazines. Your content will be delivered to readers who are interested in legal services in some of the most prestigious magazines in the country.

We create exclusive local advertisements for you in publications we are partnered with. This way you can drive your audience to take action and schedule a consultation with your legal firm.

Smart digital marketing strategies are a must for any lawyer who wants to reach new clients. But, how can digital marketing strategies improve your legal firm?

According to experts, over a third of people seeking legal services search for an attorney online. This means that search engine advertising and other types of digital ads can be highly efficient for lawyers.

Furthermore, marketing firms are spending 65% of their marketing budget on digital advertisement. So, online ads do work, you just need to invest your money into the right types of legal ads.

Finally, most legal firms think that purchasing web leads is the best way to gain clients. This is when you get in contact with an agency that provides a list of contacts for your firm.

Overall, investing in digital marketing, and brainstorming smart marketing for lawyers is essential. Again, many potential clients will be found online. So, it’s important to research your audience and work with a trusted advertisement agency like MediaMax.