Event Venue Advertising.

MediaMax partners with event and entertainment venues to help them increase bookings and sales through expert media planning and strategy.

MediaMax for Entertainment Venue Marketing.

Entertainment Venue Marketing Options

Print isn’t dead! Quite the contrary; it’s more important than ever today in a world where digital ads are becoming pushier and more invasive, turning customers off.

Of course, a well-placed ad that is user-friendly can be very effective! But often, digital ads are poorly planned and executed.


Print Advertising for Venues

With print advertising, on the other hand, customers can’t click away. And since magazines are meant to be enjoyed during leisure time, print ads are also more relaxed and focused, having a more meaningful impact.

Other factors that make print advertising so effective include increased customer trust and greater lifespan of the ad.

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Effective Strategies.

Smart Digital Strategies for Event Venues

In today’s digital world, it may be fairly obvious that online marketing is crucial to successfully booking out an event venue. But how do you reach your target audience (i.e. event planners, etc.) in the online space?

– Get your SEO right
– Run pay-per-click ads
– Help your event planners plan better events
– Improve visibility via venue-sourcing platforms
– Tailor your social media presence to your target audience
– Look into free venue advertising options
– Consider working with a media planner

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Working with a Media Strategist

Working with a media strategist helps event venue management to build ad campaigns to capture the attention of your ideal customer and maintain the loyalty of existing customers.

MediaMax works with entertainment venues as a trusted partner and Media Strategist. Exclusive partnerships with magazines such as Allure and others allow us to deliver the right messages to your ideal customers.

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Full-Service Media Planning

  • Creating and managing media to suit your needs and ensure the highest ROI
  • Staying on top of the latest marketing and advertising trends within the entertainment venue industry
  • Specifying the best time to run the ad campaign based on years of experience and insights buying for entertainment venue clients
  • Analyzing first-party data and deciding the best mediums to use for your goals, including the use of display and behavioral targeting, newsletters, print advertising, and more
  • Providing top value due to negotiating volume pricing based on multiple client buys

Benefits of Content Alignment

Brand perception is a crucial metric in marketing. But how can you impact brand perception? Knowing where your ads are being placed online — if your ad is running in proximity to distasteful or unsafe content, this not only makes the ad less effective but also hurts the brand.

To ensure your content is aligned:

  • Avoid placing ads next to content that doesn’t match up with your brand.
  • Coordinate the creatives to create successful campaigns.
  • Work with a reputable media planner that uses brand-safe
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FAQs: Entertainment Marketing.

Creating a successful marketing campaign for your event venue isn’t easy, but it’s fairly simple. Working with a reputable media strategist can help you achieve the best results and relieve stress and burnout from your team.

  • Determine your marketing campaign’s ideal target demographic
  • Decide on your goals and budget and design the ad campaign which engages retargeted customers speaking to their values and interests
  • Analyze first-party data from surveys, website visits, etc. for use in your programmatic ad campaign
  • Create and manage all media involved in the marketing campaign to achieve the highest ROI
  • Negotiate pricing for print advertising

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Also referred to as “bus shelter advertising” or “transit shelter ads”, this describes advertisements placed on bus stations and train stations targeting commuters.

Shelter ads are an excellent way to advertise an event space for a number of reasons, including:

  • Reach a significant number of people
  • Target specific geographic areas
  • Allows for beautiful, attention-grabbing ads

While they’re in the same category of media, bus shelter ads are smaller and billboards are larger and more impressive due to their size. With shelter ads you have less space to work with, so being careful with images and concise with the copy is especially important. Delivering an ad that strikes the perfect balance of beauty and function can be more difficult than with a larger billboard, where there is plenty of space for messaging and imagery.

Both media can be done digitally at less cost. A digital billboard is a billboard that displays digital images that rotate by computer every few seconds.