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Cuddl Duds

Industry: Retail

Client Type: National Brand


Cuddl Duds started its business in 1970, building their legacy on warm layering that’s cozy and comfy without unnecessary bulk. From fabric to fit, the company takes pride in quality sourcing and incorporating leading textile innovations, performance technologies, and modern functions.

Cuddl Duds Case Study - Digital & Local Print Magazine Advertising in Conde Nast Traveler


Historically, Cuddl Duds has not invested heavily in advertising. The company needed a partner who could lead with a consultative, strategic approach and offer a platform of multi-channel opportunities. It was imperative that the media partner understood their business goals and KPIs.

Key Objective: Increase awareness and drive retailer traffice (online/in-store)


In addition to Condé Nast, we partner with 50+ data and media partners to deliver unmatched digital strategy, planning, and buying.

To achieve optimized results, MMN delivered an integrated digital campaign that consisted of: Programmatic, Streaming radio, Streaming TV, High impact video, Newsletters


  • Goal: Tailor a specific message and creative to the right person, at the right time in the right context -Drive high quality traffic to the CuddlDud’s national retailer websites –JC Penney, Kohl’s, Macys, QVC and CuddlDuds.-Local targets included: Carson’s, Hershberger’s, Boston
  • Solution: Develop a strategic programmatic program using weather targeting technology, empowering the brand to target audiences at very specific timing. Specific weather condition filters were used.
  • Key Findings: .09% overall CTR and 80% Completion Rate for Pre-Roll Some retailers performed better than others, but the weather targeting was overall much more effective at driving users to the websites. We saw the highest CTRs between 8pm and midnight, which may correspond with weather targeting having such success.
    • Guaranteed Impressions= 2,940,495
    • Delivered Impressions= 3,748,684
    • Bonus Impressions= 808,1895

Streaming Radio: 

  • Goal: Drive high engagement of target audience with a dynamic Pandora program
  • Solution: Execute a campaign consisting of: Web (audio, video, display), Tablet (audio, video, display), Mobile (display)
  • Key Findings: Campaign delivered over 3.1 million impressions and generated over 6,000 clicks
    • Campaign reached 873,368 unique listeners with a 1.91 frequency
    • Guaranteed Impressions= 1,879,699
    • Delivered Impressions= 3,135,517

Streaming TV: 

  • Goal: Drive engagement of target audience with streaming TV program
  • Soultion: Execute a campaign utilizing Hulu, the only service that provides premium video content and best in class targeting Cuddl Duds audience:
    • Women 18 - 49 and Women 50+
  • Key Findings: The campaign ended with a completion rate of 97.71% for both of their targets along with a .27% CTR for women 18-49 and .23% on 50+ targets.
    • Women 18 - 49
      • Guaranteed Impressions= 384,814
      • Delivered Impressions= 482,086
      • Bonus Impressions= 65,547
    • Women 50+
      • Guaranteed Impressions= 384,814
      • Delivered Impressions= 450,294
      • Bonus Impressions= 65,480

High-Impact Video:

  • Goal: Drive engagement of target audience with a high-impact video program
  • Solution: Execute a campaign utilizing high impact video units in a native, contextually relevant environment.
  • Key Findings: Overall video completion rate of the campaign was 12.98% and a CTR of 1.15%.
  • 91.56% viewability rate̶̶ exceeding the Moat benchmark and even IAB standard at 70%
  • Approximately 54,000 of the 116,000 were 100 % completed views.
    • Guaranteed Views: 107,143
    • Delivered Views: 116,356
    • Bonus Views: 9,213 


  • Goal: Drive a high CTR to create branding and awareness
    • Drive high quality traffic to the CuddlDud’s national retailer websites – JC Penney, Kohl’s, Macys, QVC and CuddlDuds.
    • Local targets included: Carson’s, Hershberger’s, Boston
  • Soultion: MediaMax served ads including high impact banners
    • Target: Women 18 to 64
    • Channels: Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
  • Key Findings: Campaign performed with an overall effective CTR of .37%; highest performing day being 12/4 at .50%. Performance improved month over month with December at an overall .40% CTR.
    • Among the retailers, Macys had the highest CTR at 0.51%. Kohl’s received the highest volume of clicks (6,549)
    • Desktop performed best among all three devices with a CTR of 0.44%. Mobile received the highest number of clicks (6,648).
      • Guaranteed Impressions= 2,857,143
      • Delivered Impressions= 3,851,358
      • Bonus Impressions= 994,215 

 Client Testimonial:

"For such a complex plan, MediaMax totally exceeded expectations both from a delivery and performance standpoint. Their program was a consistent top performer across the campaign and with the diversity of tactics, we were able to take advantage of what really allowed us to spread our brand's name wider ...and in a more impactful way than a typical more standard plan would have."

E. Dailey, Media Strategist, RAIN

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