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Q&A: Cara Katz, VP of Sales

MediaMax is thrilled to have a new sales leader, Cara Katz, join the team. As we all know, the media industry is evolving and trends can change in a nanosecond. We thought it would be interesting to share Cara’s perspective, as she embarks on her new journey with MediaMax. Enjoy the Q&A and don’t forget to check out our press release about her appointment. Now fire away!

Why did you decide to join MediaMax?
After meeting with the company’s partners, Eric Siles, Steve Portnoy and Charlie Wirth, I undoubtedly knew MediaMax was poised for growth. I was immediately determined to join their team to help bring MediaMax to the next level. MediaMax’s unique and exclusive partnership with Condé Nast and Meredith Parents and its expansive suite of digital offerings allow MediaMax to provide clients with the ability to maximize their media spend by leveraging content and targeting their audience locally. And now, more than ever, brands understand how a local approach can impact their strategy.

What about MMN impressed you most?
I am most impressed with MediaMax’s commitment to growing the business. They are making strategic investments to improve ALL facets of their business in order to ensure future growth. Also, I am absolutely impressed with the pride each MediaMax team member takes in their job…they truly all love coming to work everyday!

What MMN offerings are you most excited to present & sell?
In candor, I am most excited to see a prospect’s reaction when I inform them they can buy into Condé Nast on a local level! Brands aspire to align their message with Condé Nast’s content. However, that doesn’t always work from a budget perspective. We have a solution for that!

What are your three biggest priorities for 2018?
-Ensure the sales team performs as efficiently and effectively as possible with the necessary go-to-market tools.
-Empower sellers to be best-in-class MediaMax brand ambassadors who can educate marketers on the power of local and its ability to provide a competitive advantage.
-Continued success for MediaMax, my team and myself!

What does it take to succeed in a sales leadership role these days?
Having a collective passion for the same goal is critical to the success of any leader. We all have to share in our objectives and crave success for the team as a whole, not just for the individual.

You’ve worked in print and digital advertising for a while now. What keeps you excited about being in this business?
Ok, some personal insight first…one of my biggest pet-peeves is when a client refers to me as a “vendor.” It makes me want to scream, “I am your PARTNER. I am the one who will help you message your product or service to some of the most discerning consumers and ultimately motivate these consumers to purchase your product or engage in your service, via a click, a call or in-store purchase.” It will always excite and motivate me to have a client acknowledge that we are “partners” and truly collaborate to ensure a campaign’s success.

In such a disruptive industry, what do you consider as ‘critical’ for planning 2018?
Now more than ever, with the quantity of media outlets and targeting capabilities, clients must know their consumer/target-consumer inside and out. For us at MediaMax, we need to show exactly how we can help brands reach these consumers in the most efficient and effective manner, and in their most lucrative or important local markets.

You have worked with some of the world’s largest brands. What do they want most from their advertising experience?
Throughout my career, I have worked with brands across many categories, from fashion and automotive to finance and travel. Ultimately, through their advertising campaigns, every brand wants to increase their brand favorability and, of course, sell their product or service.

How is the use of data changing how marketers buy media?
The amount of data available today allows marketers to make smarter decisions during every stage of a campaign’s life cycle. Data can be used to determine the target consumer, identify what media platforms are best for reaching this target consumer, which content alignments are most appropriate, etc. And now, data can be used to measure a campaign’s success to make up-to-the-minute adjustments to guarantee KPIs are being satisfied. Overall, data has perhaps been the biggest (and most complex) change to how media is planned and bought.

What makes MediaMax stand apart from the huge landscape of media offerings?
At its core, MediaMax represents brands that produce award-winning, sought-after and best-in-class content. Most importantly, it’s about the audiences we empower marketers to reach. Adding these together delivers a winning combination.
It’s local…without the sacrifice.