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Geo-Targeting For Your Business: The Positive ROI

Geotargeting, or location-based technology, delivers content to a user based on their location. Campaigns can be set up by city, zip code, IP address, device ID or GPS signals. By geotargeting users, you can capture them in a relevant setting and mindset.

Location-based targeting is so effective, about half of national brand marketing executives expect their return on local campaigns to be higher than national campaigns. Also, two-thirds of these marketing executives say that reaching local customers is “very important or critical” to their growth (Ballyhoo and GatePoint Research).

Why Geotargeting is the Key to Greater ROI

Let’s learn more about local advertising and how it can bring positive ROI to your business.

  • Reduce wasted spend. Attract people in a highly targeted area rather than wasting money on people outside your region. Consumers within your target area are more likely to support your business and become long-term customers.
  • Appeal to the right audience. 66% of consumers want ads customized to their location. This is expected to increase over the years. Anticipate your customers’ needs by showing them ads in the right moment.
  • Be available for customers. When consumers want to know more about a business, they expect to find them on the major social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. This boosts credibility and trust. Make choosing YOU easier by being visible and attainable.
  • Easier set up of campaigns. Bid on keywords that are specific to your business and let geo-targeting tools handle the rest. This frees up time because you don’t have to run separate keyword-based campaigns for different regions.

Local advertising continues to grow in importance for businesses of all sizes. Marketers plan to increase spend in geo-targeted mobile advertising over the next few years. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach a local audience with relevant offers and reminders. People will be more open to receiving your messages – and perhaps become lifelong customers!

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