When submitting the HTML, please follow the design guidelines below. If you need additional design and coding assistance reference these templates:

Design Guidelines:
•Client will provide creative in HTML with accompanying folder hosting all raw images linked in a ZIP file.
•Messages should be kept to a maximum width of 600 pixels.
•Images should account for about 25% of your creative. Make sure all “ALT” tags are populated and that images are optimized for the smallest file size possible.
•Do not use JavaScript, Flash or animated GIFs as these are unsupported in most email providers.
•All creatives will run through SPAM checkers to ensure that no trigger words or phrases are listed, and coding is properly formatted.
•Once approved, MediaMax will send a “test” email to test functionality (design revisions are not permitted at this time).
Client to Provide:
•Seed list (recipients for testing and deployment)
•Subject Line
•From Line

File Type:

**Assets are due two weeks prior to deployment

In cases where the email test is deployed to a seed list with an Outlook email handle, please note that Outlook does not support max-width. Changing the max-width and min-width to 100% solves this problem

Email will be deployed on the agreed-upon date and time after the test has been approved.