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Streaming Radio: Pandora & Spotify

Associate your brand with artists and fans through the passion point of music. Seamlessly weave your ad into the listening experience of Pandora &  Spotify’s native environment with targeted display, audio and video units—reaching your exact audience.
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Use the most effective and cost-efficient way to reach your target audience across all of Pandora’s touchpoints with a cross-platform dynamic program with display, audio, and/or video. Pandora’s first-party registration data can be leveraged to reach the exact desired audience. Your creative will be woven seamlessly into the listening experience of Pandora’s native environment and will grab the listener’s attention during key transitional moments.

Full Suite of Capabilities:

  • State, DMA, or MSA targeting
  • Targeting based on age and gender (demographics)
  • Additional targeting based on county, zip code, music genre, or audience segment is only available on display and audio
  • Display banners: standard web and mobile banners; web/mobile/tablet; ads are served on user-interaction; high viewability and 100% share of screen until the next interaction
  • Audio: web/mobile/tablet/connected home/connected car; concurrent display branding on web, mobile, and tablet offers increased engagement far superior to radio
  • Video: web/mobile/tablet; served during a station change or a song skip when listeners eagerly anticipate the next song; full-screen experience


Use content targeting to reach users with particular habits, mindsets, and tastes that
align with your target audience. Leverage first-party data to identify user-generated and Spotify-curated playlists aligned with popular activities and moods. With a 100% logged-in user base, all-day connectivity, and one ID across mobile, tablet, desktop, and connected devices, your message will be delivered at the right time and on the right platform.

Full Suite of Capabilities:

  • Country, city, or DMA targeting based on users' Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • Targeting based on age and gender, language, genre, playlist, or behavioral segments
  • Sponsored Session: Mobile and tablet; Offered 30 minutes of ad-free listening
  • Audio: Served during commercial ad breaks; 30-second ad every 15 minutes; 1 destination URL can be used
  • Display: Clickable Ads; Displayed for 30 seconds; Ads are 100% visible and will not serve if Spotify is minimized; Leaderboard ads only on desktop
  • Video Takeover: Companion display unit; Served during commercial ad breaks; Desktop only; 100% share of voice and 100% viewable
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