Native Advertising.

Get your message to the right people at the right time with seamlessly integrated high impact video ads.

Why Choose MediaMax?

Advanced Technology

MediaMax uses sophisticated technology to incorporate and display native video ads across a selection of premium media outlets. This native video will be targeted and served to those in specific targeting areas depending on your exact audience.

The native high-impact video format adjusts to the content creative format to create highly impactful brand messaging.

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Unparalleled Service

In addition, a dedicated Account Manager will be providing weekly reporting, performance results and campaign metrics. These include video completion rate, viewability and engagement. Your Account Manager will ensure all campaign goals are being met and exceeded.

MediaMax helps you reach your target audience at every touchpoint.




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High-Impact Native Video.

The Future of Digital

MediaMax’s high impact native video advertising creates compelling content for your target audience and places it in areas that seamlessly blend your message into the source. The result is increased interest and engagement for better ROI.

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Native vs Display Ads


Until recently, the majority of ads on the internet were display ads. These are the ads you see on websites that appear as banner ads, rectangular or square ads on the side of a page, and pop-up ads. They can include text, images or videos.

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Native is Different


Native ads are different in that they are designed to fit the look of a web page. They are often placed on premium publishing platforms and are consistent with the editorial content they are placed with. They flow with the content as opposed to looking like an add-on.

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Native is Subtler


While display ads often look like obvious sales pitches, native ads are much more subtle. Display ads often get ignored as people have become immune to these forms of ads. Native ads utilize compelling content that is designed to raise brand awareness and encourage people to click through.


Frequently Asked Questions About Native Advertising.

Native advertising is the use of ads that blend naturally into the content of the media source where they appear. By creating a cohesive look and feel, they enhance the user experience and encourage engagement.

High-impact react video ads are embedded directly into high-quality editorial content to create a consistent look and feel. As the layout of the page changes, the react native video player adjusts, making the user experience seamless. Native advertising platforms include prestigious media outlets that are chosen to align with your brand. By integrating your ads into these well-known media sources, we help you deliver relevant, impactful messages in your local target market.

Native advertising can be very effective, as it is designed to blend in with the content that the user is already engaging with, making it more likely to be noticed and engaged with. Studies have shown that native ads have higher click-through rates and engagement rates than traditional banner ads.

Native advertising can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes, as long as they have a clear understanding of their target audience and how to create engaging content. While larger companies may have more resources to invest in native advertising campaigns, small businesses can still create effective campaigns by focusing on niche audiences and leveraging cost-effective platforms like social media. In fact, native advertising can be especially valuable for small businesses, as it can help to increase brand awareness and drive customer engagement without the high costs associated with traditional advertising. By creating relevant and compelling content and targeting it to the right audience, small businesses can successfully leverage the power of native advertising to drive business growth.