Advertising for Small Business.

MediaMax helps small and midsized businesses create a marketing plan that makes sense – and delivers ROI – in today’s overwhelming new media world.

Small and midsized businesses (SMBs) are constantly faced with a primary challenge: where should they spend their marketing dollars spend their marketing dollars in order to generate the best ROI?

Analyzing, selecting and buying media used to be very simple. Then came the digital era and the proliferation of big- and small-screen options, social media, PPC advertising, SEO, SEM, events, sponsorships, community engagement, and OTT (over-the-top) advertising.


MediaMax works with SMBs not only as a trusted partner but as a Media Strategist. What we bring to your campaign:

– We propose the right media for your budget, target market, and most importantly, your goals.
– Have the insights that come from buying for different clients and use cases.
– Deliver long-term savings because they negotiate volume pricing based on multiple client buys.


All businesses look for effective, low-cost advertising solutions. Unfortunately, small businesses have come to expect one or the other.

With MediaMax, we deliver local media without the sacrifice. As a partner, we solve the marketing challenge by delivering access to the world’s best media — only in the markets that make sense for your business.

3 Steps of SMB Marketing Campaign.

Brand Building

The first step is to establish your brand in the minds of the target audience, creating consistent brand messaging across all channels. Great brands are consistent and compelling in all aspects of their communications — from the look, typeface, and colors of their logos to the tone of their communications.

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Reaching Consumers at Every Touch Point

Reaching your audience has to be an omnichannel approach. This means that you need to know where your target audience is and then reach them on that channel. This can be one of the biggest challenges for small businesses with small budgets.

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Authority in the Market

Building credibility and trust among your target base is key to achieving a loyal customer base. And when a customer comes to view you as a leading expert in your field, they’ll not only gain trust in your brand, but spread that trust to others.

In building your authority in the market, your marketing campaign should also include high-quality, relevant content on various channels that will position you the way you wish to be considered in the market.

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Your SMB Advertising Expert.

Over 20 Years of Success

MediaMax specializes in delivering full-service, results-driven digital solutions to SMBs — in the best media channels and at the right budget. Contact us today to learn how MediaMax can fulfill your marketing needs.

Premium Media. Local Solutions.

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SMB Marketing: Myth vs. Reality

MYTH: It’s too expensive for smaller businesses to advertise

REALITY: By rigorous targeting and focusing only on the target audience, even smaller businesses can benefit from advertising.

MediaMax creates the right mix for your business, adjusting that mix and spending based on results.




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FAQs: SMB Marketing.

The first step is to identify your customer’s touch points.

Every interaction with a prospective customer contributes to a company’s brand image. These interactions have the power to form or alter the way your potential customer perceives your brand, business, and offering (products/services you offer).

The various touch points impact a prospective customer’s purchasing decision and an existing customer’s brand loyalty. With intense competition and customers becoming increasingly discerning, it’s important to reach customers at various touchpoints.

While this requires a multichannel approach, businesses need to identify those touchpoints that yield the highest awareness and conversion results.

Types of Touch Points

– Human Touch Points – Customer interactions with sales representatives or customer service personnel

– Physical Touch Points – Interactions that include something tangible, where the customer can physically touch the medium

– Sensory Touch Points – Customer interactions that include viewing and listening

Discover how we helped SMBs increase their online presence and reach a wider audience. Read our case studies here.

In the case of digital advertising, data availability and finite, immediate tracking now enable advertisers to rapidly adjust and optimize their spend. Big data and integrated reporting can be used to refine a marketing strategy and spend. Unlike previous generations of advertising, you can get a real idea on both the effectiveness and the ROI of your marketing campaign.

Some common challenges SMBs face with their marketing efforts include limited resources, lack of expertise, difficulty standing out in a crowded marketplace, and staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies.

SMBs can overcome these challenges by prioritizing their marketing efforts, focusing on their target audience, leveraging partnerships and collaborations, seeking out training and resources, and staying adaptable and flexible in their approach.