Advertising for Real Estate.

MediaMax works with hundreds of real estate companies and agents across the country helping them reach their ideal clients through effective print advertising and digital marketing strategies.

Programmatic advertising allows businesses to deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time.

For luxury real estate companies, the most important pillar here is “the right person”.

So how can you get your name in front of the right high-end home buyer? In short, by targeting your ideal client through programmatic advertising.

MediaMax helps luxury real estate companies attract the right clients by collecting first-party data. Gathering this key information allows for the delivery of targeted ads to the ideal high-end home buyer.


Print advertising, in some ways, for luxury brands, is now more important than ever. Print remains one of the best ways to build a luxury brand and to be noticed because lifestyle is such a big part of the sale with luxury. When shopping for anything related to their lifestyle, affluent homeowners report traditional mediums like magazines and television are most effective for advertising.

Real estate companies and agents can leverage MediaMax’s turn-key print advertising solutions with some of the world’s most prestigious media brands.

– Partners include exclusive local advertising partner for Architectural Digest
– 27 world-class media brands
– 100+ local markets across the US and Canada


MediaMax works with luxury real estate companies and realtors as a trusted partner and Media Strategist. We deliver:

– The exact right media for your budget, ideal client, and goals.
Insights derived from years of experience buying for luxury real estate clients.
– Opportunities through staying on top of latest marketing and advertising trends within the luxury real estate industry.
– Incredible value due to negotiating volume pricing based on multiple client buys.
– Performance analysis using the latest technology and know-how to help fine tune your strategies.
– Media creation and management that suits your unique needs and ensures the highest ROI.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Ideas.

Deliver Programmatic Ads to Luxury Home Buyers

By leveraging customer data and delivering online ads to high-end home buyers, real estate agents can use targeted messaging and increase their chances of success. A good marketing strategy should utilize programmatic advertising to reach ideal clients at every stage of the purchasing journey:

– Search Retargeting

– Site Retargeting

– Keyword Contextual Targeting

– Category Contextual Targeting, and

– Geo-Fencing

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Other Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Marketing real estate is an art as much as it is a skill, especially for luxury real estate. Speaking directly and engaging affluent clientele requires the right insights, the proper intel, and certainly a multichannel marketing approach. A good place to start can include:

– Create a website

– Build a blog

– Try virtual staging

– Use testimonials to your advantage

– Leverage social media

– Use email marketing

– Partner with local businesses

  • Work with an experienced Media Strategist
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MediaMax for your Real Estate Marketing.

D. Welch, Media Director, A&G

“MediaMax enabled us to reach our niche audience in the titles that matter most to them. On top of that, the digital placements were among our top performers across multiple metrics. They were truly a key partner on this campaign and will be again next year.”

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We Can Help

If you’d like to get more information about how you can advertise in some of the world’s most iconic magazines in 100+ local markets and integrate with targeted digital solutions, let us know!



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FAQs: Real Estate Marketing.

Today’s luxury real estate buyers and sellers are incredibly savvy. They do their research. They know comparable sales in their area, they have opinions (educated) about what their home should go for, and they are able to and interested in being highly involved in the process.

At the same time, even though they may feel like they can do it themselves, busy, successful, affluent people are also extremely service-oriented. They know how important a big real estate transaction is, how complicated it can be. When they find an agent they know, trust, and believe gives them access to insights and inside information, they are incredibly loyal customers.

The average luxury real estate buyer is also younger now than in the past–closer to 46 years old, married and still has children in the home. They own multiple homes, love real estate, and deeply understand the long-term value of investing in real estate.

Discover how we used luxury marketing to effectively target affluent homeowners. Read our case study here.

It’s critical to understand the media behavior and preferences of the high-net-worth and specifically to understand how to leverage the media to reach them. Today’s affluent consumer spends more hours per week consuming media than they do working.

So what media are they focused on? It depends. It’s not just a matter of understanding what media to use, but it’s even more important to understand and target the message appropriately.

Ultimately, to be effective at marketing to today’s high-net-worth consumers, a thoughtful, strategically targeted message and carefully crafted multichannel media plan is required. For example, the power of an effective email marketing campaign and social media ads to drive awareness and consideration for buyers cannot be ignored. However, digital campaigns should run in addition to traditional media plans. Affluent homeowners spend an enormous amount of time engaging with content on screens, yet they report that magazines are still the most effective medium to reach them. In digital advertising, search is king. Display ads work well to drive high numbers of visitors to a website, but keyword search ads that appear alongside search engine results effectively attract visitors who spend more time and engage more deeply with the site’s content. And, effectively leveraging social media by integrating it into your strategy is a key way to attract high-value clients, keep in touch, position yourself as a thought-leader, and so much more.