Interior Design Marketing.

MediaMax emphasizes content alignment, local prestige advertising, and advanced digital marketing techniques to get interior design companies in front of their ideal clients.

Get More Interior Design Clients.

What You Need

If you want to get more interior design clients, then you need to prioritize marketing content alignment and getting your advertising in front of the right people. A MediaMax marketing expert can help you determine which services will help you get new interior design clients and boost your marketing ROI.

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MediaMax Can Help You Get:

  • Enhanced visibility in respected digital and/or print publications
  • Advanced targeting for improved ROI
  • Better-quality leads
  • Stronger, more consistent branding
  • Access to engaged subscribers across our networks
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Digital Marketing for Interior Designers.

Content Alignment

MediaMax places emphasis on consistent branding and content across channels. Your firm’s branding should be clear and consistent so that anyone in your organization can craft an email, social media post, or advertisement that will reflect the brand’s aesthetic, voice, and values. While this is a simple concept, it can be difficult to achieve without assistance.

With MediaMax’s digital marketing services, you can work with the team to create brand consistency that will be implemented across each project, whether it’s an email campaign or advertising in a premium publication.


Data and Automation

Marketing for interior designers in the digital age should include the use of first-party data to improve your marketing efforts. The MediaMax maxIQ targeting platform uses data collected from your firm to reach your ideal audience and capture leads who are excited about the services you offer.

Advanced automation software offers programmatic advertising to easily optimize the success of your digital ads and automatically engage or re-engage potential clients on nearly any device they might be using. Over time, your advertising on well-known sites will continue to improve as more data is collected and used to inform advertising decisions.


Authority in the Market

Building credibility and trust among your target base is key to achieving a loyal customer base. And when a customer comes to view you as a leading expert in your field, they’ll not only gain trust in your brand, but spread that trust to others.

In building your authority in the market, your marketing campaign should also include high-quality, relevant content on various channels that will position you the way you wish to be considered in the market.


FAQs: Marketing for Interior Design.

Content alignment is an important marketing concept for businesses in every industry. However, it is even more critical for interior design firms due to the nature of the design business.

Clients hire design firms because they want to achieve a consistent style. Successful design firms create a strong brand identity that is consistent across their marketing channels to increase trust among potential clients.

Consistent marketing indicates to clients that a firm will make a promise and deliver on that promise. Creating consistency can be a major challenge for design firms, as different platforms have different visual styles. MediaMax’s marketing experts can help bridge the gap and ensure that all of a firm’s marketing materials remain true to its brand style across digital and print campaigns.

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To fully leverage the power of targeted marketing, you need to start by identifying your ideal clients. MediaMax’s databases can provide targeted access to new, qualified leads, but design firms should have an accurate picture of who is most likely to be interested in their services before launching a print or digital campaign.

One of the best ways to identify your ideal clients is to build personas. Think about past projects your firm has completed successfully, and consider the demographics, preferences, income, and other attributes of the clients who hire you. You can use those attributes to create several personas of fictional ideal clients for targeting your marketing campaigns and coming up with interior design advertisement ideas.

When you work with MediaMax, you’ll get regular updates on all your projects so you can track their success and fully understand your ROI from each campaign. You’ll have access to the MediaMax team in case you have any questions about any of the services you purchase.

As design services are highly visual, social media campaigns can be used to create brand awareness and gain new leads. However, social media marketing is best paired with other strategies, such as advertising and email marketing, for best results.