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MediaMax helps luxury hotels and travel destinations reach their perfect customer through effective print advertising and digital marketing strategies.

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From luxurious resorts to boutique escapes, our expertise ensures your destination captivates travelers worldwide. Let us showcase your property’s unique allure through our strategic print and digital marketing solutions, unlocking endless possibilities for success in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. With MediaMax, your brand becomes the ultimate destination for discerning travelers seeking unparalleled experiences.


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Getting to know the wants and needs of your ideal customer is what you should be after in order to best understand them. This information can be used to successfully re-target your ideal traveler or hotel guest by putting your name and brand in front of them and earning their business the next time they take a vacation.

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Hospitality Marketing.

What can a hospitality marketing agency help you achieve?

To get the most out of your hotel marketing strategy, it’s important to work with an expert media strategist that understands your market and your industry. The right marketing and advertising partner should help you:

– Identify your perfect traveler and how to capture their attention
– Set the foundation to create successful marketing and advertising campaigns
– Deliver results through print advertising and digital marketing

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What does a hotel and hospitality marketing strategy entail?

A hotel and hospitality marketing strategy is an overall plan for how to attract the ideal guests to your property and maximize profit. A strong marketing strategy clearly outlines specific business goals, identifies high-value customers, and is ultra-clear on why their property is the perfect one for their ideal guests’ next vacation or holiday. Finally, a good marketing strategy will prioritize how to best reach your perfect traveler.

Once a strategy is in place, a marketing plan must be made to outline the budget and the details of when and where the marketing strategy will be implemented.

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FAQs: Hospitality Marketing.

Today, luxury travelers have more choices than ever, which means it is even more difficult to attract their attention and gain their business. Developing an effective marketing strategy will help to gain the attention of your ideal guests and earn their business.

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Digital marketing has made it easier than ever to connect with customers all over the world, and thus benefit the tourism and travel industry. As digital marketing has grown, so has its global tourism audience.

Accurate user information is now readily available through first party data, and expert marketers and media strategists know how to use this information to their advantage to help luxury hotels and hospitality companies meet their goals and increase revenue.

Brand building is one of the most important ways to achieve your marketing and advertising goals. The first step to establishing your brand in the minds of your ideal customer is to create consistent brand messaging across print and digital media. From the look and feel of the logo to the tone of the messaging used across communications, it all matters and impacts a brand’s bottom line.

Yes! Merely buying an online ad, posting on social media, and doing promotions probably will not achieve your business goals. But having a clear marketing strategy that’s aligned with a clear purpose in mind will help reach your perfect hotel guest. As a busy hotel with a lot to juggle, there’s even more reason to define a marketing strategy so that you can make the right decisions in terms of where and how to spend your time and marketing/advertising dollars. Ultimately, having a clearly outlined marketing strategy and plan will help to grow your bottom line and help make your hotel or destination one that your ideal travelers love to choose every time they travel.