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The Importance of Having the Right Media Buying Agency on Your Side

Media-Buying Solutions by MediaMax.

Trust the Process

From smaller, mom-and-pop businesses to the more nationally known brands, MediaMax has the knowledge and the expertise to help companies of all sizes to find the reach they’re looking for. However, this requires a custom-tailored approach to marketing for your precise business goals. That way, you can firmly establish yourself within your target demographic with ease.

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We Want to Help You Succeed

Our proven track record in working with other similar businesses – as well as our partnership with companies such as Hulu, Pandora, Conde Nast Traveler, and Wired – demonstrates our aptitude for helping companies like yours succeed. Through our methodical yet flexible approach, we will help ensure that your company experiences success. Contact us today to learn more about how MediaMax can help your business reach its full potential.



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4 Steps to Creating the Best Ad Campaign.

First, we’ll help you strategize the best campaign for your needs.

This depends largely on your goals, but we can help drive more traffic to your website, boost brand awareness through local and national advertisements, organize business collaborations, and increase engagement on social media. To do it, we will review your budget, monitor the progress, and examine any relevant key progress indicators (KPIs).

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Next, we’ll help you determine your target demographic.

You may already know at least part of this information, but it might actually be incomplete. For instance, are you trying to reach out to the individual consumer, or are you aspiring to connect with more known brands for a potential partnership? We can pinpoint your audience through our MaxIQ data, allowing us to see their locations, preferences, interests, and behaviors.

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From there, we’ll set up your ad campaign.

Again, this does depend upon your budget and the exact type of campaign that best meets your needs, but it can take a multi-pronged approach. Placement in Conde Nast, for instance, can work well for an architectural firm. An email marketing campaign, conversely, may be more effective if you’re trying to target a more digital-savvy demographic.

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Finally, we’ll monitor your results and make any necessary adjustments.

A detailed audit of your campaign with us will be our final step in setting it up. We will help you go over any data collected from it and pivot, based on what we learn from reviewing its success. That way, we can make any needed adjustments based on what we learn. In turn, this will help ensure any subsequent campaign is even more successful than the first.

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FAQs: Media-Buying Agencies.

Media buying platforms are marketplaces that help individuals purchase advertising space in various formats, such as digital and print campaigns. They help make it possible to establish a relationship between the seller (the publisher of said advertisements) and the buyer (that is, the client or the advertiser).

Find out how we used media buying to align our client’s brand messaging with an affluent audience of homeowners. Read our case study here.

As the name suggests, media buying is the process in which the purchaser secures a specific media location and precise time to run an ad campaign. Throughout this process, the media buyer will continue to monitor the success of the campaign and make any necessary adjustments to help improve its effectiveness.

Using media planning allows for buyers of ad space to understand their target demographic more effectively. That way, they can reach more possible customers through their ad campaigns. Not only does this help facilitate the process, but it also helps maximize the budget, with minimal waste of time and resources.

Media buying agencies serve to act as the liaison between the client and the publisher, making the process more manageable for those looking to purchase ad space. They work to help negotiate the price of the campaign, hone its quality, and determine its chosen location (such as on television, the radio, online, and even in print magazines and newspapers).

Trying to run an advertising campaign can be both costly and time-consuming. A concrete yet flexible media plan can help organize and streamline this process, allowing for a more effective outcome. In synchronizing the planning and execution of targeted ads, these media buying agencies can help provide a more effective return on investment (ROI) for the client.