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Omni-Channel: Beyond the Buzz

Influencer. Out of the box. Thought leader. As marketers, these are all buzzwords we have heard (or used ourselves) over the years. Most of the time these trendy words and ideas fade into the background and are replaced with the next new shiny word or strategy. However, there are always a few that become staples in our strategies.

Omni-channel. Another buzzword you have probably heard many times, originally making its debut several years ago. Today, it’s transitioned into a marketing strategy with staying power. 94% of marketers agree that an omni-channel approach is important or critical to reaching their business goals.

We all know that at its most basic level, omni-channel is simply an integrated marketing strategy but to do it well and reap its benefits, there is so much more. Omni-channel is customer-centric. You need to account for all the ways that customers interact with your brand from in-store, online, social, mobile and beyond. 73% of consumers are using multiple channels during their shopping journey. This means that it is vital for messaging, design, and goals, all to align across devices and platforms, so that each interaction is consistent for the customer.

Now, that’s a tall order. There are many challenges to seamless integration of an omni-channel program and collaboration is needed across many departments from marketing, sales, IT, operations, and more. So, how do you get beyond the buzz and make omni-channel work for you?

  • Focus on the customer journey and personal experience. 75% of marketers are looking to improve personalization through a seamless customer journey.
  • Test the user experience because first impressions matter. Companies with an omni-channel customer engagement strategy retain on average 89% of their customers.
  • Measure, measure, measure. Analytics are critical to the success of an omni-channel program. Listen and respond to what the numbers tell you.
  • Embrace new technologies. As marketers we’re finally at a place where technology has caught up with our needs (data, deployment, measurement). We can finally focus on what we want to implement instead of how we can do it.

Now the only thing left to do is find a local advertising program that fits into your omni-channel needs. Print, digital, streaming radio, streaming tv, mobile, experiential? Yes!

Find out more. Talk with one of our media experts.