Premium Media Reach Upscale Shoppers

The best-in-class media brands don't just report the trends, they set them. Our integrated programs allow regional retailers to be associated with this prestigious media, but exclusively in the local markets where they have locations.

Check out case studies from some of our Retail clients:

The Right Audience - In the Right Environment

Our programs change perception of key audiences:

  • Trendsetters and influencers
  • Brand-conscious consumers
  • Gen-X and Millennials
  • Affluent Baby Boomers
Experienced Partners

We understand the unique marketing needs of retailers:

  • Brand building
  • Store openings
  • Sales and events
  • New line introductions
Sample Campaign

We support our clients by executing smart, locally targeted, cross-platform programs that leverage our premium media brands. Here's just one example of an integrated campaign supporting a seasonal promotion in five markets that reaches affluent, fashion-conscious consumers in trusted, world-class media.

Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ

Full-Page Ads, 4 Issues

10,000,000 Impressions

Premium Desktop Campaign

4-Month Campaign

8,900,000 Impressions

Custom Events

5 Events

Event Amplification via Social Media Overlay

At 5 Events

Delivers 18+ Million Impressions!

Some of Our Retail Clients