Packaged Goods

Packaged Goods

Local Exposure for Premium CPG Brands

Sometimes packaged goods marketers want their products associated with leading national media brands, but they don't need national exposure. Our custom solutions allow CPG marketers to use best-in-class media to reach consumers in specific geographies – without compromising their brand's premium image.

Check out case studies from some of our Packaged Goods clients:

Strategic & Tactical Campaigns

We're experienced in packaged goods regional campaigns:

  • Regional product brand positioning
  • Product launches / roll-outs
  • Retailer support
  • Test markets
Engaging Premium Audiences

We reach brand-conscious consumers in specific cities with integrated campaigns:

  • Local exposure in national magazines
  • Geo-targeted premium digital campaigns
  • Product sampling
  • Coupon distribution
  • Local event sponsorships
Sample Campaign

We support our clients by executing smart, locally targeted, cross-platform programs that leverage our premium media brands. Here's just one sample multiplatform campaign for a packaged goods product launch that targets upscale women in four key markets using world-class media and events.

Bon Appétit, SELF, Condé Nast Traveler, Glamour

Full-Page Ads, 5 Issues

5,000,000 Impressions

Premium Desktop Campaign

5-Month Campaign

12,000,000 Impressions

Premium Mobile Campaign

5-Month Campaign

8,000,000 Impressions

Custom Event Series

4 Events

Event Amplification via Social Media Overlay

For 4 Events

Delivers 25+ Million Impressions

Some of Our Packaged Goods Clients