Schools are brands, too

Consumer perception of today's educational institutions is affected as much by marketing as it is by a school's reputation and offerings. We help schools position their brands effectively to the right audiences in their target markets through integrated campaigns within the media consumers trust and respect most.

Check out case studies from some of our Education clients:

Targeted, Customized Solutions

We understand education marketing initiatives:

  • Brand-building and awareness
  • Graduate and adult education
  • Institutional advancement
  • Athletics marketing
Hard-to-reach Audiences

We know the types of target audiences educational institutions want to reach:

  • Adults considering post-grad programs
  • Parents of prospective undergrads
  • Alumni / Donors
  • Industry / Community leaders
Sample Campaign

We support our clients by executing smart, locally targeted, cross-platform programs that leverage our premium media brands. Here's just one sample multiplatform campaign designed to raise awareness and associate a college with world-class media and events in four key markets.

The New Yorker, Golf Digest, Condé Nast Traveler, Wired

Full-Page Ads, 5 Issues

5,000,000 Impressions

Premium Desktop Campaign

5-Month Campaign

8,000,000 Impressions

Custom Event for Alumni, Donors or Prospective Students

Events in 2 Key Markets

Event Amplification via Social Media Overlay

At 2 Events

Delivers 13+ Million Impressions!

Some of Our Education Clients