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The New Localism: National Brands Going Local

The power of local is a critical discussion today, especially for national brands ̶ but it has been a conversation for many years. In the ’80s, localization was part of the globalization phenomenon. With the mantra “Think globally, act locally,” companies modified products to fit various local cultures and tastes. Since then, the concept has evolved and the meaning has become more granular. Now, ‘local’ can be a market, a store, a household or even an individual consumer.

The media landscape has transitioned drastically over the past 10 years. As we know, it’s no longer print-centric and digital is not the shiny new penny anymore. It’s all about hyper-targeting, personalizing, and customizing the approach to gain an advantage.

And a local strategy is just that…

“Consumers have a growing sense of localism, and marketers need to key into this in their campaigns to achieve a level of genuineness. They fail to do so at their peril”, Maribeth Papuga, BIA/Kelsey Adviser & former EVP, Local Investment & Activation at MediaVest.

The ‘New Localism’ is a concept where folks want to feel that there is a sense of community and a more authentic engagement with the brand. National brands are recognizing this, leveraging the opportunity and activating local media investment. Mentioned in our recent webinar, The Win of Going Local, BIA/Kelsey forecasts that there will be a $17Billion increase by 2020.

Customize. Connect. Convert.
The one thing all brands have in common is that they want to customize their campaign, connect on a higher level with the audience, and convert that audience into warm prospects or clients. Right?

By localizing their media, it allows them to localize their voice…and the impact is huge. The best part of localizing their approach is that it delivers higher precision, avoids waste of budget & audience, and achieves a higher return of advertising investment. I consider that a win-win. Brands have a more powerful connection to active buyers and consumers feel a more authentic bond to these brands.

Bottom line: There has been a misconception about local marketing, but that is changing. National brands recognize that geo-targeting is critical and are using it as a competitive weapon. Those who don’t? Well…