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Frank Friday Frustrations: Facebook’s Faceless Fiasco

“The thing we’re trying to do at Facebook is just help people connect and communicate more efficiently.”


Today’s blog post is dedicated to my sixth grade english teacher, Dale Ford. She taught me to express myself in writing, and introduced me to alliteration, used by all the greats, including The Beatles and Shakespeare.

And yes, I just compared myself to The Beatles and Shakespeare.


Have you ever tried to get in touch with Facebook? I mean… get in touch with them the way you get in touch with any other company on Earth? In the moment? With an actual person?

If you haven’t tried, do not try! Trust me!

In a recent attempt to “connect and communicate more efficiently” with Facebook, I experienced something that can only be compared to getting repeatedly whacked on the head by Pete Alonzo‘s baseball bat. A direct quote from my friend Jackie, who went above and beyond trying to help me get in touch with them:

“Giving birth was easier than this. Ugh!”

In any case, the happy ending to the story is this: MediaMax now has a brand new Facebook page. We’ll be filling it with all kinds of valuable tools and interesting articles and fun activities for all our followers to enjoy. But first, you have to like the page. (The old page is gone with the wind. Thanks Zuck!)

Before I log off to enjoy some weekend shenanigans, let me leave you with this…

The faceless Facebook thing is really annoying. One of the first things I noticed here at MediaMax was how quickly everyone gets back to people. The BDRs, the SMB media advisors, the finance team, HR, the media planners, the C-Suite, my main man Chris… everyone. Real people, real faces, real answers.

Get in touch about your local ad. Our real person response time will blow your mind, guaranteed.

Speaking of real people, check out MediaMax’s Rajan Cutting, Caroline Hudson and Lino Bongarzone. Test your math skills! Who equals what? Post your answer in the comments section. (There may be something in it for you…)

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Robert McEvily on February 19, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    Rajan = ?
    Caroline = ?
    Lino = ?

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