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Everything is about engaging with your target customer. Now, it’s getting even easier [and cooler]. Out-of-home is changing the face of advertising once again—and MediaMax now offers unique digital OOH solutions in cities across the country, including street media, rail media, bus media, and more.

Consider this.

  • In cities, OOH ties your media mix together
  • Consumers spend 70% of the day away from home
  • Despite changing media channels (i.e. the growing mobile segment), consumer’s exposure to OOH has remained steady
  • OOH combined with other digital strategies can be a powerful weapon to hyper-targeting your best customers


The largest digital out-of-home ad network, in the largest and most diverse media market in the world.

  • NYC kiosks
  • Hyper-targeted to 20 screens at ~ 13% SOV
  • Can accommodate static creative and slow motion video

We leverage our network of partners to deliver premium local media at highly discounted rates. Are you ready? Now is the time to maximize exposure in your target market, leveraging one of the hottest new opportunities. Contact a digital media expert.

A mass retailer raised awareness for their Spring 2016 denim launch while increasing foot traffic to their brick & mortar stores.
The Campaign: The denim campaign was delivered to 41 Midtown Manhattan displays evenly across a 5-week flight. A programmatic campaign hyper-locally targeted around store locations ran in conjunction to target the desired consumers on their mobile devices.
Methodology: Analyzed on an anonymous and aggregated basis, store visits among exposed and unexposed consumers, as measured by a third-party firm.
Results: The retailer experienced 51% lift in brick & mortar store visits within 7 days of consumers being exposed to the denim campaign.